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When I Sought Help For The 40 Pounds I Put On At Age 41... 

I discovered the biggest fraud perpetrated on American women. That medical menopause treatment is a fraud.

Women are being lied to so they will say yes to being over medicated.


You Are Creating Your Own Menopause Misery.

It is not something that just happened to you.


How Do You Know Your Doctor Told You The Truth About HRT?

Your doctor told you what the pharmaceutical reps told him/her to tell you. Is that the best way to treat you? Find out what I uncovered!


What Did I Discover That Most Doctors Don't Even Know?

It's Simple. It's not your fault. It's your hormones. And they're starving for real nutrition and blocked by toxicity.

The American Nutrition Association doesn't even know this information!


This Is The Exact Protocol I Use Daily To Keep Healthy & Sexy At 54 And Never Need Meds!

This book will open your eyes to the real cause of your misery. It's not the menopause. It's the metabolics!


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To influence women who are miserable to make the nutritional changes that dissipate their menopause misery and skyrocket their confidence and beauty.

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Body & Health Expertise

  • How To Lose Weight For Good Without Dieting, Counting Calories, Or Suffering.
  • Hormone Health
  • How To Prevent & Dissipate A Miserable Menopause Experience
  • Fast, Easy, & Effective Workouts
  • Preventing & Detecting Chronic Illness From Home
  • How To Achieve Optimal Gut Health
  • You're Thyroid Is Not Defective, It's Starving Of Proper Nutrients

Beauty Expertise

  • Simple Skincare For Pennies
  • Preventing Age Spots & 
  • The Anti-Filler Solution
  • Skip The Plastic Surgery
  • Prevent & Reverse Skin Conditions
  • Nutrition For Anti-Aging
  • How To Amplify & Produce Your Own Collagen
  • How To Quit Coffee And Replace It With The Most Amazing Health Drink Ever

Nutrition For Women Over 40 

  • What You Should Take 
  • Gut Health Kit
  • Thyroid Health Kit
  • Liver Health Kit
  • Digestive Kit
  • Sleep Health Kit
  • Hormones Health Kit
  •  Build Muscle Lose Fat Kit
  • Test Yourself From Home 
  • Cellular Hydration Kit
  • Get My Books On Menopause

"My Zone Of Genius Is Reversing & Preventing An Arduous Menopause!"

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