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Membership site is $400. Coaching group is $100 per month for six months. You will be charged $500 today, then $100 every 30 days for six months so it's a seven month coaching program for $1100.

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60 Minute Consultation. 

Health Consult & Assessment.

Optional "Before" Photo.

Six Months Of Unlimited Email Support.

Text Message Motivation! & Reminders

Personalized Eating Guide Based On Your Preferences.

Day 14 & 30 - 30 Minute Check In Consult Phone Or In Person.

Text Message Check In 3X A Week For 30 days.

Advanced Weight Loss Food Guidance To Change Your Cravings.

Understanding Food Labels Hidden Information

Hormone Assessment & Repair Advice

PH Saliva, Urine, Resting Pulse, Blood Pressure, Temperature For Hormone Monitoring & Balancing.

6 Months Of PH Testing (once a week) To Measure Improvement.

Daily Menu Feedback For Thyroid, Menopause, Depression, & Chronic Illness Repair.

Kitchen Clean Out!

One Time Grocery Shopping Trip!

Healthy & Delicious Alternatives To Your Favorite Foods.

Complete Hand Holding For A Life Changing Makeover.


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