Would You Like All The Tools You Need To Build An Outrageously Sexy Healthy Body Over 40?


Master Menopause Weight Loss!

The "Sexy And Fabulous Academy" is an ONLINE program for women who are fat, sick, tired, & angry, who want to go after the life they want and leverage NATURAL HORMONE OPTIMIZATION to make it happen.


Instruction led by Gianna Miceli, author of Why American Women Are So Fat, Sick, Tired, & Angry


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1. Kickstart your hormones to shed pounds off your body naturally. 4 weeks from now, you’ll look in the mirror feeling great knowing that you’re taking control of your health... without taking a ton of terrible drugs or hormone therapies.

2. Simply log in on your phone or computer, and watch one of many metabolic guides, hormone guides, recipe guides, and videos so in as little as 24 hours from now... you’ll feel excited knowing that you’re on the fast track to feeling sexy and energized.

3. Re-energize your thyroid, hormones, and liver- get them working properly so you can watch the fat melt right off your body and feel great next time you’re trying on a new dress that’s 2 sizes smaller.

Will You Be My Next Sexy Success Story?

Leighann is down 20+ lbs from February too May. Click play!

Let's Talk About A

Money Back Guarantee...

Obviously one needs to be committed to changes to facilitate those changes.

If you don't think what I teach you will change your life, on the 7th day you can tell me you'd like your money back with no questions asked.

I am committed to your results 100%. Remember it's a 2 way street and you must commit to healing to insure the weight loss follows.

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Imagine If I Told You There Was A Drug...

That made you healthy, energetic, sleep great, and have a strong sexy body.

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You're Going To Eat More & Weigh Less.

  • Are you confused by how difficult weight loss over 40 & 50 is?

  • Are you tired of lacking willpower and feel like you struggle to get your health and weight under control?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed or "stuck" and just need help staying committed and focused on your goal?

  • Have you done well for a short period in the past only to find yourself falling back into old habits?


Are you done trying to do this all on your own and just need a professional to help support, encourage, and guide you?

 If so... you've come to the right place. 

The truth behind successful menopause weight loss lies in the simple formula:

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Topics Covered In The Program

Getting your body up-and-running takes more than just choosing the right foods. 
Follow these success tips for a body & health that stands out from the middle aged crowd.
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First We Have To Find What's Not Working Right.

Discover how to assess your metabolic processes, like your digestion, liver, thyroid, & hormones, to see what's not working right.

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Then Put Out The Fire In Your Metabolic Processes.

You already know things are getting worse. We have to halt what's causing these processes to not work optimally.

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Then We Send In The Paramedics To Repair!

We have to repair the processes that are not helping your body to build lean muscle tissue, and send out the right hormone signals.

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Next Change Your Cravings Without Even Knowing!

You'll be shocked how your cravings change when the insides are working right. This way you'll never FEEL like you're missing out on anything.

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Then Transition Your Body To Use Your Fat For Fuel.   

The secret to this transition is so easy you'll kick yourself in the ass for not starting sooner. I'll hold your hand the whole way.

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Then Your Energy Returns & Your Sleep Improves!

These are the first signs that your processes are improving! Imagine waking up feeling refreshed and excited about your day!

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Your Clothes Will Begin To Feel Looser Each Week.

The scale measures your weight, not your fat loss. Kick the scale to the curb! Then people will start to notice that you've got a kick to your step!

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Then Your Mental Clarity Is Off The Charts!

Then there's no turning back to the way you used to live! You will know for sure you're on your way to no longer being fat, sick, tired, & angry!

So here's the BIG QUESTION:
Why should you keep trying on your own when it comes to your HEALTH, the #1 most important factor in determining the quality of your LIFE?
When you're sick you get help from an expert doctor, when you're in pain you go to an expert chiropractor, and when your car breaks down you get help from an expert mechanic... so why should your health be any different?
You deserve to feel confident in yourself again. You owe it to yourself to give yourself some priority in your life. You should feeI amazing in any outfit you put on. You should love going on vacation and wearing a bikini on the beach. It's time. I literally can’t wait for you to get your very own Personal Results Coach! 
You don't have to do this on your own anymore.

My Mission Is To Save Women From What I Call 

"Medical Enslavement".

It's what happens to the typical American woman over 40.

She begins to head into her menopause decade, and becomes fat, sick, tired, and angry.

Angry because she has no idea why this has seemingly suddenly happened to her and everything that used to work to lose weight no longer does.

So she goes to the doctor because something must be wrong with her.

Present those symptoms to the typical doctor in America who will see her for less than five minutes and she'll walk out with a prescription for Synthroid for her Thyroid, Wellbutrin for her anger & depression, HRT for her menopause symptoms, and Phentermine & Metformin to allegedly help her lose weight.

If she has high blood pressure, add on another med.

Prediabetic? More drugs!

And none of those things are going to help her, and in fact they're only going to make her put on more weight, and make her more depressed, increase her risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer.

Now you've got a woman ready to give up on life, while she's still raising teens, hitting the pinnacle of her career, her husband isn't getting enough intimacy, and her entire life is at risk.

And she's holding all this in, trying to hold it together.

My mission is to set these women free.


The #1 Thing Women Say To Me Is....

"Gianna, you weren't THAT fat in your before picture."

So what!

How fat should I have been before stopping the middle aged misery that was setting in?

I was Fat, Sick, Tired, & Angry!

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A Note From Gianna

What's up, Ladies?! It's finally here!

The step-by-step optimal health & weight loss success course I've always dreamed of creating!

When I first started researching how to lose fat over 40 in 2008, I was scouring the Internet for any resources I could find to increase my knowledge and learn what doctors couldn't figure out for me.

I was on Google for HOURS and HOURS like a psycho searching for answers that made sense to me.

You no longer have to search Google like I did!

This is the program I wish I would have had back then.

I've always wanted to put every step I know about the process into one class and this is IT!

It's literally all you need.

If you're looking for a get skinny quick strategy, please get pass on this.

This program has been designed for the fabulous people who know in their hearts that they have tried every quick silly fix and need something real and tangible and that a Iifestyle change is necessary.

To those of you who choose to go after the life you want, you have to make it happen yourself.

I hope you succeed in this program: MENOPAUSE WEIGHT LOSS SECRETS

Who is this program for?

The Program is for women:

  • Who have tried every single thing but can't lose weight

  • Who are confused about menopause & weight gain

  • Who just don't buy what the doctors are selling

  • Who want to avoid a lifetime of meds to survive

  • ...and SO much more!

  • The rules are upside down!


You Get All This!

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12 Training Videos

Throughout your six-week course, get access to 12 instructional videos on how the exact steps to take to assess your metabolic & hormone processes from the comfort of your own home.

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Exclusive Membership

Have questions specific to your journey that you want to ask Gianna or the rest of the Sexy & Fabulous Academy crew? Gain access to the member forum for special assistance.

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"Boss Of Your Body" Checklist

If you keep everything in your head, you'll get overwhelmed and quit! Keep your information and strategies handy.

What Are You Waiting For?

Women over 50 are no longer the invisible demographic. Don't get left behind because you look like an old, tired, useless woman.

It's time to be the Boss Of Your Body & Health today!

My Super Simple Recipes Included.

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The Sexy and Fabulous Academy Curriculum

Here's what you can expect to dive into:

Section 1: A Confident Strategy

It's not your calories. It's that your processes are not working. I'll show you how to easily analyze them from home.

During a health consult we can examine:

  • How your thyroid is working.
  • What is the PH of your urine & saliva.
  • What is your blood pressure & resting pulse rate.
  • The secret to getting your metabolic processes working optimally!

Improvement is key so we have to get a baseline of your processes. That means we need to:

  • Assess how you got to where you are now with your body & health.
  • Design a plan to get the essential minerals and amino acids you need daily.
  • Brainstorm a new menu that will satisfy you AND help your body restore health.

Before we can move on, we also need to break down the walls that are keeping you from being truly authentic.

How do you overcome the fears that are holding you back:

  • Does your household support your self improvement efforts. 
  • How to move forward when the world seems to be enjoying life and not caring about their health.
  • Becoming excellent at committing to your dream health & body.

Week 2: The New Menu Begins

I'll improve your gut, liver, Thyroid, & hormone health so your fat loss happens much more easily with simple supplementation to kickstart.

What do you really need?

We will go over options for:

  • Gut Health Supplementation
  • Thyroid Supplementation
  • Essential Amino Acids
  • All women over 40 need these three!

And.... don't forget to do your research! 

I've got great expert videos inside the course!

Week 3: Get Your Game On

You may feel worse before you feel better as you purge toxins out:

  • What to do to get through it.
  • Keeping track of every step you need to strip your body of what's keeping you from losing weight.
  • Using Gianna's formula to help you make the best food choices every time, no matter your circumstances.

Week 4: Status

As you begin to change your food & cravings so that you lower your insulin, estrogen, & cortisol for optimal weight loss, you'll be noticing many other changes.

  • The power of real mental clarity.
  • What it feels like to utilize real, dense, nutrition.
  • The end of carb crashing and feeling true energy.

How will this affect your life?

You'll immediately start feeling in control, which will relieve your anxiety about your future.

  • Having great energy makes you plan some fun in your life.
  • You'll start walking holding your head high.
  • When you can dress as you like, you'll walk with commanding confidence.

Ready to go beyond the fat loss?

In this last section, we will talk about the oyster that is your World! 

  • When you improve, your entire family improves.
  • When you improve, your career improves.
  • When you improve, your income improves.
  • When you improve, your relationships improve.
  • When you improve, you'll desire more out of your life.
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Take A Look Inside The Course

The information is right at your fingertips on all devices. Get the info. Go shopping. Change your menu. Change your body & health.


Here's What My Client's Say!

Why did you join my program?

" Because I trusted you could help me and I loved that you don't hold back, plus your dedication and knowledge."  -Suzanne G. Bentley BC CA

"I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired and you look fabulous so I had to see what you’re doing!" -Lisa L. Mohegan Lake NY

"What you said made sense to me since it was about food and getting my body to work optimally." -Heather H, Wasilla, AK

"Because of your story, your research, and your results." -Nancie V. Orange, CA

"Because you're all natural, no drugs." -Lynne L, Sterling, CO

All The Tools Are Online:

  • The Sexy & Fabulous Academy is The exact blueprint that I used to lose 40+ pounds at age 46 and keep it off for seven years now.
  • BONUS #1: Exclusive Training Video, Step-by-Step Guide and Printable Workbook for planning your success.
  • BONUS #2: Learn how to figure out why you're struggling to lose weight without having to go to the doctor for a bunch of expensive tests. Do it all from home!
  • BONUS #3: My two books included.

***This is not vegan or plant based compatible. I am an ex-vegan.

What's Included:

  • My Mastering Weight Loss Supplement Kit DISCOUNTED
  • Monthly Metabolic Assessment DISCOUNTED
  • My Gut Health Kit DISCOUNTED
  • My Anti-Aging Kit DISCOUNTED 
  • My Thyroid Repair Kit DISCOUNTED
  • My Recipe Book INCLUDED
  • The compete blueprint to your success!


$74 One Time Charge


  • Everyone's metabolic health is different.
  • Where you are in menopause.
  • Do you have your lady parts.
  • How much weight you have to lose.
  • How your thyroid, liver, gut health, & hormone health is.

I've Helped Enough Women By Now To See What's Most Commonly Lacking...Real Food & Minerals!

Be strong. Be lean. Be energized. Dress how you like. Shop in your favorite stores. Feel good about yourself. Avoid becoming an old invisible lady.

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