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10 Things Women Over 40 Are Doing To Get Old & Fat Too Quickly

Mar 29, 2017

Christy Turlington is one of my favorite super models from the 80's. Back then people used to say I looked like her and I loved it.

I don't know her personally, but I don't think she is using Botox or surgery becasuse she's aging beautifully. She still looks like herself. She looks older but not "old".

I am a new resident to Florida, and boy is it an eye opener.

There is a plethora of skin care and Botox shops set up.  

Having lived in NYC, Vegas, and LA, so this is not new to me, but it seems to be as common here as grabbing a Starbucks.

Here are ten things women over 40 are doing to get old and fat too quickly:

1. Too much sun. Absolutely never ever ever sun your face. I was fortunate to learn this at age 11 from Glamour magazine and I took that to be the bible so I have never ever sunned my face and I am so happy that I didn't.  I have no wrinkles and only one small age spot at 52 years old.  My hands look great still. You can glow your face with makeup instead of sun.

2. Smoking. Smoking is the most vile disgusting habit. It's more vile than doing heroin because at least with heroin we can understand why you do it. It feels great.  Smoking doesn't look cool, doesn't make you feel great, and there is no explanntion for an intelligent woman in 2019 to be inhaling 7,000 carcinogens into her lungs multiple times daily. It yellows your skin and creates those ugly lines around your mouth and gives you those icky skinny lips. I can spot a smoker in an instant. Yellow teeth too.  All this yellowing makes you look old.

3. Coffee. Coffee gives you the ILLUSION of energy, not actual energy.  If you need coffee, then what you actually need is sleep and nutrtion. Coffee burns out your adrenals so by the time you are over 40, you are exhausted, and you start getting diagosed with "adrenal fatigue", "chronic fatigue syndrome", and "thyroid" issues and then you get fat.  You're not randomly ill. You've created this by your daily habits for the last 25 years.

4. Alcohol. Alcohol is a huge enemy to women over 40. It's beyond dehydrating. It makes your blood vessels and rosacea more prominent. It completely shuts down any fat loss efforts you are making. It is totally empty calories and we all know, that it makes you more suseptible to eat and choose very fattening and aging foods when buzzed and drunk.

5. Fried foods. We know they're bad. They're clogging your arteriees, which slows your blood flow, which inhibits cellular regeneration. If you're eating fried foods in a bar, they're often double fried. They were fried to make them, then frozen, then the bar fries them again. Disgusting.

6. Dairy. Dairy turns on cancer. The countries with the highest breast cancer rates also have the highest dairy consumption. Dairy does not help your bones in any way. No persons in the United States are calcium deficient, yet we have a huge Osteoporosis problem. That's because the calcium doesn't have a framework to lay on. It's your bone framework that's been weakened by your acid diet leaching calcium from your bones. If you take a calcium tablet it's doing nothing for you. You have to eat for cellular and bone renewal, so your calcium can lay on it. Those kids with the bloated bellies you see in the Feed Africa commercials, they are calcium deficient.

7. Stress. Bad boyfriends or husbands. A job you hate. Your children running your life instead of you actually parenting with rules & boundaries.  You have to be strong enough to conduct your life for your own mental health.  When you're over 40, your stress is obviously increased.  Guess what else is increased? The amount of Cortisol you release. This brings on your belly fat. It keeps you awake at night. Be selfish. Structure your children's lives. Make sure you're paying attention to your partner/husband/boyfriiend IF he is reciprocating and it's a good relationship. If not, get out. Get out. Get out. You can be alone. You'll fall in love with yourself.

8. Crash dieting. Every woman who comes to me for menopause help is eating too little and has been for 20 years. Her metabolism is shot. You are not giving your cells food and glucose to take care of the skin you live in. Eat to live, don't live to eat. Most women don't even know how amazing they can feel. They say, Gianna, I can't work out like you do. Yes you can. You think I would be doing this if I didn't enjoy it? I have the energy because I eat so well. I have to do something with all this energy I have.

9. Not exercising. You need to be cleaning your lymphatic system and that only comes with sweating. Can you go in a sauna? Yes, but how many people have access to those. A little goes a long way. Thirty intense minutes only three times a week is sufficieint and fabulous!

10. Sleep. Most women are exhausted. You've already got everything working against you when you're over 40. You're losing lean muscle just because of your age. You're hormones are shifting. Your Cortisol is rising more easily. You're probably married or divorced and have kids and teenagers. You need your damn sleep. Shut down the computer and phone two hours before you want to have your eyes closed. The blue screens are affecting your production of melatonin. Take some melatonin capsules. Don't take medications to sleep, it's not real sleep. You should wake up refreshed, not still exhausted. When you sleep, is when you produce HGH. You need it! Keep it going as long as possible!

Bonus!! Your skincare has to be products without chemicals. They are making your blood toxic and your skin age. I have a great skincare line I recommend that's as close to Mother Nature as it gets. Ask me.

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