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22 Is The New 40

Jun 17, 2016

"You've changed!"

"And YOU have not."

Does this resonate with you?

Have you ever gone back to your old hood, the people you went to school with who still live exactly where they did 25 years ago, or within a few blocks of there, and they tell you, "you've changed"?

I should freaking hope so!

If were still the insecure, pathetic, weak broad I was from 25 years ago I'd be ashamed of myself.

Even ten years ago I was not remotely as fabulous as I am today.

How does one change?

New content, new people, & new places and if you're not getting any, you're getting stale.

I've moved to five cities over 16 years.

I've attended countless self-improvement events & seminars.

I've stepped out of my comfort zone to meet new people.

Wow did I meet some this past weekend.

And most were under 30.

There's a whole world going on out there that nobody in my world knows about and it's the millennial geniuses.

I think I am a Generation X.

Generation Y's were a-holes, but the

These are extraordinary kids that make me wish I were young again.

They're smart. Hungry. Fearless.

They don't think about getting jobs, they create companies.

They don't want to be millionaires, they want to be billionaires.

Not to have stupid red sports cars, but to facilitate movements against the establishment.

If these kids get a hunger for power and politics, look out because they're going to own the country.

And my weekend with them was amazing.

I used to feel like I knew what I didn't know, and I came to see that what I don't know is so much more extraordinary, and it ignited my hunger.

In two days I've revamped my entire business plus raised my prices and have every confidence I'll have them beating my door down for my services just like they did for my hair artistry in New York City.

If you are trading time for money, you are ancient.

The new world is of information and software.

And there's no stopping it.

You're either on the train or waiting at the station.

Would you like help developing something?


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