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Are Fatty Foods Addictive?

Nov 13, 2017

Can you imagine living at at time when supplying food, was not an "industry"?

I was watching a tv show that was in Morocco and I really admired their food market. Just tons and tons of fresh foods, not laced in pesticides and animals not factory farmed.

The food companies, just like the tobacco companies and big Pharma invent products that tap into the dopamine reward system. Of course they want you feel so much pleasure from their Frankenfoods. They want you to keep buying them!

Fat may have similar effects on the brain, as well. Feed someone yogurt packed with butterfat, and within thirty minutes, you can start to see the same changes in brain activity you get when you drink sugar water.

People who regularly eat sugar and fat have a deadened dopamine response in their brains. It’s like when drug abusers have to use more and more to get the same high.

Once we’ve so dulled our dopamine response, we may subsequently overeat “in an effort to achieve the degree of satisfaction experienced previously, which contributes to unhealthy weight gain.”

Redefining obesity as an addiction—as a psychiatric disease—would be a boon to drug companies that are already working on a whole bunch of drugs to muck with our brain chemistry.

For example, you give people an opiate blocker, like they do for people with heroin overdoses to block the effects of the drug, and people eat significantly less cheese. It just doesn’t do as much for them any more, when their opiate receptors are blocked.

We can prevent the deadening of our pleasure center in the first place by sticking to foods that are naturally calorically dilute. But can we bring it back once it's been destroyed?

You bet! Our bodies always want to correct, so that we can again derive the same pleasure from the simplest of foods.

Taking drugs, and then more drugs as the medical community wants us to, not only makes our blood more toxic, but suppresses your hormonal reactions as well.

Your best shot is to eat your way to hormonal health and how fun is that!

Menu not meds.

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