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Are You A Patient To Your Doctor Or A Payment On His Porsche?

Nov 11, 2017

From my book, "Why American Women Are So Fat, Sick, Tired, & Angry, And What I'm Doing About It".

I’ve been crusading against the biggest fraud perpetrated on American women in the last 80 years and that is, that menopause is a disease and estrogen deficiency that needs a medical plan.

It doesn’t.

It needs a menu-plan.

My menopause research opened the door to everything else because it revealed how the medical industry works.

That same menu plan will heal you from the top nine diseases that kill Americans today which are:

Heart Disease
COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
Kidney Disease
And I’m including...

10. Suicide

Because studies are showing that when you feed your mitochondria (your gut) good foods, that create good bacteria, then your body will create the hormonal chain reaction that releases the proper amounts of serotonin & dopamine to your brain and you simply won’t be depressed.

The wrong menu plan is making you fat, sick, tired, and angry for a myriad of physiological reasons that nobody is telling you about because it’s easier to just write you a prescription for an antidepressant and treat you to The Cheesecake Factory.

The right menu plan will keep you from having to obliterate your thyroid, avoid an autoimmune disease, and never count Weight Watcher points ever again.

I’ve been researching this for nine years and I want to help set women free.

I want to help you quit dieting forever.

I want to help you stop being hungry & angry.

I want to help you sleep again.

I want to help you feel good again.

And I want to help you just be able to eat, not worry about calories, and not get fat.

And I know how you feel right now. You don’t fit into your clothes.

You hate your body.

You cry trying to get dressed.

You don’t want anyone touching you. You’re not getting naked in front of anyone.

And you’re sick and tired of being on the Internet looking for answers to this fat and illness.

When this happened to me, I didn’t want to face it, but it was either keep getting fatter and sicker and having more anxiety about not being able to take care of myself financially, or find the answers to regain my health. 

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