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Look At A Case Study Of Successful Weight Loss & Managing Chronic Illness

Feb 19, 2020
I know a lot of women on disability.
I know a 55 year old woman who watches dogs just for grocery money.
Another woman in her 60's I know walks dogs and passes out cards for seamstress services at my local cleaners for extra money.
My best friend Dina, at only age 36, lost a $65K a year job due to an autoimmune illness and she's one of the lucky ones who had private disability insurance and gets a decent amount per month she has TWO autoimmune disorders.
Many people don't "look" disabled as we tend to equate them as being in wheelchairs, but the truth is that the three gals I referenced here, can't get through an eight hour day at a regular job.
These autoimmune disorders are a very scary diagnosis and most of the public has no idea that these disorders are created over a long period of time as the permeability of our stomach and intestines has been worn down and now has literal leaks in it, and undigested foods enter the blood stream creating the autoimmune attack.
Dina came to live with me between apartments along with her three dogs. So we had two gals and four dogs including mine, for five weeks in a 900 sq foot loft.
I barely knew her in the beginning but by the end of five weeks, both of our lives had changed.
I learned she had over $100,000 in unpaid medical bills and what it was like to live with that on your credit report.
I learned her life history that in her home, food was love. Her mom fed them all to demonstrate her love.
By the time she was 21 years old she was obese.
We both learned about the same time that obesity can lead to autoimmune disorders.
She has been diagnosed with MS and Hashimotos.
She invited me to attend a FREE dinner with her at Maggiano's hosted by a drug company introducing a new MS drug. This was a fantastic three course meal....FREE!!!
Wow free? Why? Well the drug company paid for it, and of the 50 people there, how many of them would go on this $5,000 a month drug paid for by their insurance companies? That's some investment to make!
I was blown away by the attendees.
Every single one of them was in a motorized wheelchair.
Every. Single. One.
Except my friend.
I didn't have a full grasp of MS until friending this woman and while she lived with me, I had to take her to the emergency room three times over five weeks.
She was just then getting into natural remedies as we were both beginning to learn how the body works and especially about gut health.
She says that living with me was the best she had felt in years because I inspired her to pay more attention to her food than she ever had before.
Even though she wasn't "skinny" yet, she felt the most skinny when she lived with me.
She eventually declared to the world that she would heal herself without taking meds and using only food.
She's lost 75 pounds under my guidance, and today, finally, 95% of her days are spent feeling amazing just by experimenting with her menu and a process of elimination of inflammation sparking foods.
As you can see from her pictures below, she has gone from the hospital to stage to share her journey and revelations with others.
When she phones me, she says...."Gianna, my brain is so clear! I have no pain anywhere in my body!"
And because I lived with her, because I sat with her in the emergency rooms, she knows that I am someone who gets how amazing that is in her life.
My motivation is to end what I call, the "medical enslavement" of women over 40 and motivate them to investigate the root cause of their disorders rather that pretend that these drugs will ever ever cure them.
Meds just "manage" things and they barely do that.
One in four women in the USA takes meds for anxiety, panic, and depression when that is majorly connected to gut health and the production of serotonin & melatonin and when those levels are working OPTIMALLY, those meds are unnecessary.
One in eight women in the USA will be diagnosed with a thyroid disorder like hashimotos, which exists exclusively from food choices wreaking havoc on the thyroid's ability to work OPTIMALLY and her gut health, and can be repaired by mineral supplementation and a change in menu.
If 25% of our women become incapacitated, dependent of Social Security disability and/or private disability and can no longer participate in life in a meaningful way, what does that say about our "healthcare" system?
There's 419 women in this group and statistically, 104 of them aren't living OPTIMALLY.
True or not?
Are you one of them?
And if the answer is to just turn up the dial on your gut health and mineral balance so that you can really enjoy your life more, is it worth it?
My 74 year old mother thinks so.
She burried my father at age 57 and is about to bury her 2nd husband at 74.
My mother's health is stellar.
She's on no meds at 74 years old.
She works out 3X a week at Orange Theory running, rowing, and lifting weights.
Freedom and independence is what I care most about for my plan to grow older.
What's yours?
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