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Clean Eating 101. It's Your Only Choice.

Mar 01, 2017

Every woman I know THINKS she’s eating healthy but when they start logging their food, they get a huge wake up call.

This was in my email today from a new client who started three weeks ago:

"My measure garment is my blue dress.
On Feb 5 i could not even put on let alone zip.
I can now put on and almost zip.
I follow your lead.
Thank you for your support.
Its working.
Everyone is saying i look different.
Im smaller and my face is shining.
I look healthy.
Going to take a photo today so we can compare in 30 days!"

Yes it can happen as fast as this!

The basics about growing older fabulously, is that you eat cleanly.

You’ve got 40 plus years of bad food that has created the body you have now, and the way all your hormones react are due to the food that you eat.

These both directly affect how your body ages, how it prevents disease, and how long you will live.

I often get emails from women saying, "Hey I’m eating “healthy”, "I’m eating “clean”, and yet they have a slew of health problems.

If you were eating truly healthy and clean, you absolutely would not have the health problems and lack of energy problems that you do.

The best kept secret in medicine, is that under the right circumstances, the body can heal itself.

Give me 30 days of your life, 30 days of your daily food diary, 30 days of you being the most important aspect of your life, and I’ll show you exactly where your food deficiencies are and how to easily change your cravings for great foods.

I guarantee you’re not eating as healthy as you think you are.

Getting better feels good.

It’s about cutting out toxins and increasing phytonutrients.

It’s about progress, not perfection.

When you’re over 40, this is THE MOST important aspect of your health.

Watch my free video right now so that your next meal will make your hormones healthy.

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