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Face It. Your Social Media Picture Matters Now. Is It Working For You?

Jun 17, 2016

It seems like a silly thing, but new makeup has exploded my business!

I couldn't figure out why I always looked yellow and washed out in every single social media picture I took, until I learned I was wearing too yellow makeup and wasn't highlighting properly.

Pictures are so much a part of our online image, who wouldn't want to look their best, so I took my new knowledge to my troops and started doing consults for professional women to help them like I helped myself.

I couldn't believe how many woman were unsure about how to shop, choose, and apply makeup. There are a zillion fantastic makeup artists on Youtube!

OH MY GOSH how fun it is to see their new images on their social media with big confident smiles!!  I love helping them be more fabulous!

If you'd like a consult and clean up of your makeup bag, go to and I do Facebook or Skype video consults about sprucing up your social media image and presentation.

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