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Fitness Fraud = Fat Again? I Think So.

Mar 19, 2017

Saturday night at 3 am I received this...

"I'm 38 this year, vegan, Australian , diagnosed with chronic fatigue, infertility, PCOS , endometriosis and fibroids. I'm exhausted with life.

I'm an ex fitness competitor so I'm used to being in shape - but that was through starvation and over exercising. Now 4 years on, and older, I'm injury prone, tired and annoyed at my body holding an extra 10kgs."

When I was fat, not knowing my over 40 hormones were in play, I found a gorgeous fitness model who was my inspiration. I TOTALLY believed that if I read her book and did exactly as she said, that I would look like her, and would be able to lose fat and build nice muscles just like she did. It's in her book! It must be true! I even aspired to do fitness shows! I was sold!

So that's what I did. I ate chicken, turkey, oatmeal, sweet potatos, tuna, and rationed avocado & almonds just like in her book. Since my weight trainer, boxing trainer, and two doctors with a handful of prescriptions didn't help my weight loss, I actually did a serious Sherlock Holmes on this fitness chick and tracked down her nutritionist and trainer, and moved from NYC to Miami to train with them. I wanted to be just like this woman so badly I moved my entire life.

I was there for four months, totally focused, no distractions, no boyfriend, nobody to keep me from my goals, and put myself on lockdown for this goal.

And nothing happened. Nothing. Nothing in this woman's book made a change in my body. Seeing her trainer three times a week didn't change a thing. Paying her nutritionist didn't change a thing. Eating as she said didn't change a thing.

It took me four years to find the right way to eat for my hormones.

I cannot say this for a fact, but I truly truly truly think that fitness models take steroids and/or ruin their metabolism for this goal. When you see their lean pictures, they've usually dieted down and dehydrated for the photoshoot, and then get back to normal which is how you and I look. This vicious cycle is seriously damaging as proven in the above email I received last night.

I think it's extraordinarily rare to find a fitness model who is naturally lean, muscular, and can maintain it constantly and I've seen a handful of them who have blown up once they give up this lifestyle.

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I promise you all this:

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