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Got All The Deets Ladies!

Mar 28, 2018

I know I can save your life from something that I KNOW women fear more than death.

Breast cancer.

I listen to Dr. Laura for twenty years, and she had breast cancer stage 0 a few years back. She is fit and lean and looking the epitome of health, so what's up with the breast cancer?

She drinks a glass of wine every single night. Just one.

Is that enough to cause cancer? Well she got cancer at age 72.

According to my super hero of health...YES.

Why? Because it increases your estrogen.

And I know at this time in your life that's the last thing you need.

Because if you are already fat, sick, tired, & angry

(The name of my awesome book!)

you already have too much estrogen.

I know so many women find it hard to believe you have to clean up your menu so much to be healthy over 40 and 50, but you just do.

Unless you live in an area where you grow your own food and it's pesticide free, and never comes from a box, you just do. It's the new world we live in.

Life is sweet and I love the taste of it, so I eat for my liver and hormones to work optimally so I don't ever scrimp on calories and I have energy so I can have FUN.

I don't miss alcohol one bit. I might have 1-2 a year if that.


Have you joined my Sexy And Fabulous program yet?

Why not?

But you have to jump in now.  It's going to be summer soon if you live in the north.

Do you want to sit home all summer on your ass not having fun because you can't fit into shorts?

Or do you want to finally figure this shit out and get it done?

What say you?

Are you ready to get your act together in the food department?

Learn how to get your gut health in order so your hormones fire properly, so you have no anxiety, hot flashes, fat belly, or misery?

Go to and sign up today.

Gianna Miceli

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