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Her First Hot Flash. This Can't Be How Any Person Lives She Said! Read This!

May 23, 2017

My closest friend has been my cheerleader though building my Menopause Solution online business. 

There were times I knew she didn't quite "get it" because she had not had any symptoms yet.

And today I got this....

"I had my first hot flash today. Now I know what it feels like. Holy shit! 

Dropped me to my knees with nausea and heat. Holy f*ck! I'm finally in menopause. I was laughing. I had no clue it would feel like that. 

Wow. It only lasted a short time.  I laid right down on the tile floor and controlled my breathing. I thought I may vomit, but I didn't.  

That hot flash was something else.  I then dropped to the floor, and crawled to the bathroom.. and lifted the toilet seat. I didn't vomit.. so I grabbed a towel and laid down completely on the floor.  

I was like.. wtf! This can't be how any person lives.. with fear of this happening at any time. How do we function if that could happen at any moment?"

You don't function. Your life becomes miserable unless you take action.

That action isn't going to your doctor.

There' nothing a doctor can do.

Yes society has conditioned us to think we need medical intervention.  Suzanne Somme's has conditioned us to think we need Bioidentical hormones but we don't.

Let's talk about WHY you have that hot flash....

Because you have excess estrogen rolling around and it has to come out.

"But Gianna, if I'm heading into menopause, I'm losing estrogen so how can I have extra?"

Because American women are running around their whole lives with pathologically high levels of it due to our diets so instead of having a level of 100% dropping to 60%, we have 160% dropping to 100%.

Your progesterone will drop to 0%, so you will be unbalanced as Mother Nature intended and you'll have your meno symptoms.

Get it?

Did you doctor tell you that?


They tell you that you need more estrogen and prescribe HRT or Bio's and antidepressants.

So now you have MORE estrogen floating around your reproductive parts at a time when they are naturally shutting down. They are confused! 

Don't be surprised when you get diagnosed with cancer because when you take those hormones, it increases your chances of heart attack, stroke, & cancer by 40% or more, depending on how long you take them.

OR YOU COULD JUST CHANGE YOUR MENU which I'll help you do, without dieting, counting calories, or suffering.

Not too hard!

I'm saving women's lives.

You don't need meds, and you don't need a hysterectomy to stop this.

You need a new menu and it's delicious.

To get started on learning about what I do go to right now.


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