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How I Uncovered The Fraud Of Medical Menopause Treatments!

May 08, 2017

“I can't tell if my symptoms are menopause or if I'm ill. Before menopause I'd have gone to the doctors now .... I blame menopause for everything.” -Anonymous Woman

I've never ever been sick nor have I seen doctors for anything other than the yearly gyno thing.

So when I started packing on the pounds at 41, and I was so tired I could barely get out of bed to work, I flipped the F out about it.

I can't be sick. I refuse to be sick. I will never accept being sick. Am I clear?

I saw a few doctors and they all had different diagnosis. 

#1. You have adrenal fatigue. Take these vitamins that cost $400 a month.

Me: Really? How do you get that? What did I do?

Dr: Um I don't know. You just get it. 

Me: Hmmmm not making sense.

#2. Your progesterone is low. I'd like to put you on Bioidentical hormones for $500 a month.

Me: Ok. What are they made from?

Dr. Um I don't know.

Me: What are they going to do for me?

Dr. Um I don't know. Just take them.

Me: No thanks.

#3. Your metabolism is shot. Take Metformin, Phentermine, and eat only 1000 calories a day for six weeks. That'll be $3,000.

Me: Why? Why do I need these drugs? What is Meformin for?

Dr. It's to regulate your blood sugar.

Me: What's wrong with my blood sugar?

Dr. Nothing. Just take them.

I took them for a week, until one evening I passed out and fell to the floor and banged my head off the wall. It scared the shit out of me.

I was fat. I was tired. Those were my symptoms.

There's not specific test to see if you're in perimenopause but it's real.

Weight gain.

Lack of energy.

Low libido.


Breast tenderness.

Hot flashes.

But it wasn't my hormones fluctuating.

It was my food finally catching up with me.

My standard American diet was too much for my immune system to bear, so the toxins I was eating became fat cells, the fat cells produced estrogen, and Interleuken 6 was now spiraling in my fat belly, making me more toxic, sick, fat, and lowering my metabolism.

Yes I was 41 and experiencing my estrogen and progesterone drop, but I still had too much estrogen.

That's what fat cells do. Produce estrogen.

So when a woman's body has excess estrogen, and not enough progesterone to wash away the symptoms when no conception happens each month, she's left with the above symptoms, getting her body ready to house a baby. 

But there is no baby, so what you have is perpetual PMS.

Peri-menopause. The biggest hormonal battle of your life.

Doctors are schooled by ex doctors who became Pharmaceutical sales persons, and disinformation shoved down their throats enticed by a decade of income from each patsy, I mean patient.

Menopause is only eventful for women of westernized countries, those with the highest consumption of meat, dairy, & toxins from processed foods. 


Women in countries who consume food in its more natural state, have UNEVENTFUL menopause years. They just pass.

Since 1938 the Pharmaceutical companies have been shoving synthetic compounds in and on us, and brainwashing women into thinking they need to be saved, from the "disease" of menopause, in order to maintain their youth and beauty.

I could talk for an hour about the specifics but I only want to ask you one question:

"Does it make any sense to you, that you need external synthetic hormones to go through what is a perfectly natural life transition?"


So I researched.

And I learned.

There are only a handful of doctors even aware of this.

The rest are uninformed sheep or foxes hungry for your money.

I spent almost the entire afternoon answering questions on Facebook yesterday since so many ridiculous amounts of women are sick, ill, and malfunctioning.

You are not randomly ill

You are not broken.

You have been conditioned to eat the way we do in America and you're being poisoned to the point that your immune systems, your thyroids, and your body is creating disease to reject the foods you're putting in it.

It's trying to wake you up!

It's got to stop.

There is no magical pill or drink or device that will change this.

The good news is, you can begin changing this in your next meal.

I've put my nine years of research together in one place called for you to view and read.

I was able to fix myself before it was too late.

Before I got hypothyroid, diabetes, fibromyalgia, arthritis, or anything else that is a chronic condition.

And one more thing...

What use to be chronic conditions are now called "diseases" so that meds are created so that doctors can prescribe them so that insurance companies can be billed. Cha-Ching!

A disease is rarely cured.

A chronic condition can be reversed.

There is no woman who can't be helped by my information.

I'll show you how to eat for all natural anti-aging, weight loss & hormonal control without dieting, counting calories, or suffering.

Check me out.

From fat to fabulous at 50.

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