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How To Not Be A Target Of Big Pharma

Nov 11, 2017

“I will show you how to eat for all-natural anti-aging, weight loss, & hormonal balance, without dieting, counting calories, or suffering, in only 30 days, even if nothing else has ever worked for you.”-Gianna

This is my tagline and my promise.

Every woman is going to experience menopause and there really isn’t any difference in illness because it’s all diet related so when you’re reading “menopause” insert any disease or chronic illness you have. It’s all due to nutrient deficiency and an overload of toxins.

The ONLY effective plan is to eat your way to hormonal restoration and balance.

This menopause and fat thing isn’t anything that comes with an announcement in your life.

To use the latest catch phrase, it micro-aggresses upon you.

Little by little, you gain weight, your belly gets bloated and fatter, your periods get sketchy, your brain is confused, and you don’t even know why this is happening to you.

The research studies are funded by the same companies who sell the drugs, which is standard, but also means you have to look deeply at studies.

You always have to look at who paid for the study because the results are skewed every day and twice on Sunday.

The entire industry of most illnesses, is a DRUG in search of a MARKET, and later, I’m going to tell you how that came to be.

The major side effects from the drug therapy are chalked up to the “diseases” and doctors try to convince you that you’re nuts.

My intuition was right.

This is a set up!

It is propaganda that you need to see a doctor for being fat and tired at this time in your life (over 40), and so while you’re over here looking at these confusing treatments being shoved at you by men and women in white coats, the truth is over here staring at you in the face.

If you are a woman, you need know this information. The control of information IS sophisticated.

You’re told “trust your doctor, trust your doctor” and never mind the silly details.

I dated a doctor ladies. They’re not that much different from us regular folks.

I’m sorry to tell you, you’re a target with a dollar sign on your back especially in the perimenopause & menopause phases of your lives and all chronic illness. Chronic illness is an INDUSTRY. 

From my book "Why American Women Are So Fat, Sick, Tired, & Angry And What I'm Doing About It." Available on Amazon.

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