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Hysterectomy Scams. Will You Be One?

Mar 30, 2017

Women over 40 are my job.  Unnecessary medical crap is my job too. Yes I say crap. I am angry!

Many if not most, hysterectomies are unnecessary, according to a growing number of medical professionals.

Every year approximately 600,000 hysterectomies are performed in the US.  There are more than 22 million American women alive today who have had their reproductive organs removed.  Ten percent due to an existing cancer condition. Removing cancer, yes I agree.

But, 90% of hysterectomies in the US are done because a woman has fibroids, endometriosis, abnormal bleeding, or a prolapsed or fallen uterus which are all conditions for which less drastic surgery or even non-surgical treatments are available.

Dr. Mitchell Levine, an ob-gyn who teaches at Tufts and Harvard Schools of Medicine, says that women are NOT told enough about the downsides of a hysterectomies.  He also said they downplay the risks. He intimates that if women knew the truth, they wouldn't agree so readily.

The HERS (Hysterectomy Educational Resources and Services) Foundation is the only independent, international organization dedicated to the issue of hysterectomies and advocates fully informed medical decisions.

Imagine the gall of doctors to not fully inform their patients about ripping a knife into their body and tearing out their reproductive organs. HMMMMM!

Here are some of the after affects:

Personality Change
Loss of Energy
Diminished or absent sexual desire
Difficulty interacting with others
Suicidal thoughts
Weight gain
Fifty percent of hysterectomies remove a woman's ovaries and have a five times greater risk of heart disease than a woman WITH ovaries.

I'm not a doctor. But I have lots of women's testimonials about fibroids being diminished through a proper diet that includes phytonutrients.

Do you think you might try that before a scalpel?

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There IS a better way!


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