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I Am The Menopause Master.

Mar 22, 2019

Do you really think the creator intended for you to live like this for ten years? SOME of these are actual real symptoms due to the drop of your estrogen & progesterone, but MOST are inflammation.

Do you know they, (the rich family that owns the pharmaceutical companies) paid a doctor the equivalent of $12 million dollars in 1966 to write a book called "Feminine Forever" and hired ghost writers to write articles for Redbook and Reader's Digest and other women's magazines, to brainwash women they NEED ERT, and then HRT, and Bio's to "get through" menopause and remain "feminine"?? LOL

I know you ladies see my posts. 

I know your suffering is in private.

You think nobody is talking about this but I've been talking about it for 6 years.

The six years since I lost my 40 pounds and menopause misery.

Yes I have a book.

Yes I have a website.

Yes I have a podcast.

Yes I have Youtube videos.

Yes I'm about to blow up social media with my message because 600,000 women each year in the US get hysterectomies and 90% of them are not for cancer.

Yes I'm about to blow up the gut health hormone connection and no, I'm not in any MLM company.

Yes I know you're up late seeing this.

That's because your Cortisol is too high!

You're hormonally unbalanced baby doll.

You're not medically defective.

Your lifestyle is making you this way.

Mother Nature has your back.

She's channeling through yours truly. ;)

Do I look like a post menopausal woman?

I'm the NEW post menopausal woman!

Strong, Lean, Vivacious, Fun, Sexy & Fabulous!

I've got your back!

Gianna Miceli

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