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I Am This Bold!

May 16, 2017

Every day I see women complaining & suffering on Facebook, and in my email. Many of us turn 40 and all hell breaks loose with our bodies & health.

Have you seen this????

This is the result of "Fascia Blasting".

See the plastic device on the lower left?

Women are viciously rubbing this device on their bodies with the false hopes that it will dissipate their cellulite.


I've been watching the Fascia Blasting group for about a year now, grow from 64,000 women to almost 300,000 with my mind blown, that so many women would be so out of touch with commons sense and reality, that they do this to themselves in the hope of reducing cellulite and losing fat.

It won't say on the box that the plastic device made in China will help you lose fat, but if you keep up with the group, women claim to be losing fat & inches.

In the last few weeks, finally the emperor put some clothes on.

A few groups opened up where hundreds of women have finally realized they were duped, and worse, very injured from using this device and doing this to their limbs.

I have a friend wth a $2,000 emergency room medical bill because doing this to herself, a person with MS, caused her nerves to go haywire.

It's not just their legs, there is a face blaster too, and the woman who owns this business encourages you to blast your entire body seemingly to cure every illness under the sun. Yes I'm exaggerating, but not by much.

See this?

This is a picture from the group showing this woman's AMAZING results!!

Different angle, different lighting, same shorts, same carpet.

I can't KNOW this is real or fake, but for the reasons above, I tend to not believe this.

Photoshopping isn't only for the pros anymore. 

Every iPhone on the planet can download a photoshopping app now.

On what planet does causing excessive bruising on your limbs change your cellulite? That's a rhetorical question, so please don't write me regurgitating the owner's rhetoric.

I've asked five doctors if this is possible and they all say no.

Additionally, it's been found out that the woman who owns the company has been paying women to post in the group, and keep cheering on those who are complaining about not having any results.

Cellulite is hereditary, affected by toxins, and affected by hormonal changes and your diet.

I'm not a fat shamer by any means but I am pointing out that the woman who owns this company used to look lean & healthy, and she's only 44 now, and she looks like she has excessive inflammation, not just due to a huge increase in her body weight, but in her face as well. I don't look at her and see a well woman and yet she fascia blasts several times a week for several years now.

Complaints have been filed with the FDA, as she claims she has FDA approval as a Schedule 1 medical device, but her Facebook page lists her as a home health care business.


The only only only only way to improve your body, your health, and your future health, is by what you feed yourself today.

If I put my 50 year old naked body online daily, I'd be a zillionaire but I"m not that gal. Maybe I should be. Maybe I should just put some sleazy photoshopped pictures of myself only daily to drive membership sales to my business but I'm not that gal.

I'm classy.

I'm concerned.

I'm here for my clients one on one every single day.

I'll get you through this battle to win the war.

The war is an information war on what clean eating is, on how women over 40 need to be eating to get through menopause all naturally.

I'm winning.

I'm not flawless or perfect but wow do I have an amazingly gorgeous body and impeccable health.

I just had an extensive physical in October and I have not one wrong thing with my health. Not one drop of inflammation at my age, which is unheard of.

A friend of mine died in April at age 45.

Another friend who is 52 has been in the hospital for the last eight months battling kidney issues from a lifetime of keto dieting.

The colossal amount of women in groups on Facebook is staggering.

I was fat and now I'm not.

I was getting tired and ill and now I'm not.

And all I did, was change my menu.

You'd be a fool to not listen to what I uncovered about the biggest fraud perpetuated on women in the last 80 years and that is, that medical menopause is a disease.

It's not.

You're being duped and misinformed.




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If you saw me naked, would you listen?

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