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Do You Hide From Social Media & Photos? Read This.

Jun 17, 2016

When you look at what makes you happy in life, you want to wake up and do what makes you happy every single day.  For me, it is when I put a smile on a woman's face and make her feel incredible about herself whether I’ve helped her lose weight, calm a health condition, made her hair pretty, or her face beautiful.

When I started doing hair extensions in New York City, that led me to working on women from Fox Business and MSNBC, and Broadway actresses, and there were times I was able to be in the dressing room and watch the best makeup artists in the business get these ladies ready for television.

Dressing rooms are extraordinarily intimate places because it’s where women come in raw and get their armor put on, and just like in television where hair and makeup is imperative, it’s the same for women in the professional world.

The closest I can come to bottling confidence for women, is in sharing what makes me feel beautiful.

I worked on Britney Spears for her Planet Hollywood Las Vegas show and the first night as I drove out of the parking lot, I said to myself, “Wow, I work on the Las Vegas Strip.” It felt like I had stepped up to another level.

If you saw Britney in person you would look right past her.  She “becomes” Britney in the dressing room as myself and the makeup artist transformed her.  You literally witness her entire energy and body language change as the final touches of the costume come on.

But I can guarantee you that Britney Spears doesn't even know my name for as many times as I've had my fingers in her hair.

To her management, you are nobody.  Your talent means nothing.  You are to only speak when spoken to and blend in the background.  That made the work totally void of any pleasure.  Britney says "thank you", but with a fake smile like you are a service person.  She walks in and doesn't even say hello or goodnight to us.  My non-famous clients make a lunch and tea when I come, and it's like a party when we get together!

The ladies I want to work with are just like me...  ladies who are establishing their value in the world, building their businesses and brands, who value those they work with.

I decided it was going to be my job to show them how to look beautiful on social media in their videos, webinars, and in person.

To have rockstar confidence in what they do.

It's my job to meet women, and if there's any reason she's not happy with herself, I want to be the one to help her fix that.

So many women think they are not photogenic and think they are “ugly” because they don’t know how to make “selfies” or vidoes where they look pretty when it really comes down to lighting and makeup.

Even Cindy Crawford says she doesn’t wake up looking like Cindy Crawford.

A picture and video has to be well lit for ANY subject to look good in it. Just take a look at a photographer’s portfolio of character actors. He or she can make them look amazing through lighting.

Since our entire world has changed from social media, I want to help you enjoy yours and not be afraid to participate because you think you are ugly.

You’re not.  

You're just waiting to turn into a butterfly.

Let's create your metamorphosis.

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