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If I Looked Like A Grandma, Would You Take Me More Seriously?

Mar 22, 2017

This menopause stuff I speak of, I know it's not sexy. It may seem silly. Until it hits you. Then it's going to become your entire life's existence and obsession for about ten years. Ten years! Ten years is about 12% of your entire life!

Women are losing years of their lives due to this. They can't go to work. They can't be as productive as they'd like. This is about way more than vanity and feeling well. Marriages. Families. Income all suffer during this time.

Last night in a group there was a post about menopause being a "withdraw from estrogen" which came from a blog of a woman who looks like a grandma. Menopause IS estrogen withdraw, and it isn't.

Let me explain.

If you are a woman of normal weight, let's say your estrogen runs at 100% for your reproductive years. When you get into perimenopause, it's going to decline to about 60%. You still need your estrogen for many other functions.

Your progesterone is going to drop to 0%. The ratio will not be 60% to 0%.

Got it?

But the women suffering from menopause symptoms the most are over weight. This is not fat shaming. When you understand the physiological aspect of what's happening in your body it will make sense to you, and you need to understand what's going on so you're not wasting your money on snake oil and uneducated doctors.

When you are overweight and have been most of your adult life, your estrogen has been running about 160%. So when the drop of 40% happens, your still running at 120%.

Your progesterone will still drop to 0%. So now your ratio of estrogen to progesterone is 120% to 0%.

You have menopause symptoms and difficulty losing weight because of EXCESS estrogen, not because of an estrogen deficiency.

Do not make the mistake thinking that Mother Nature made a mistake. Women of normal weight hardly experience menopause symptoms because the body was designed to be ok during these years to run at the 60% to 0% ratio.

The excess estrogen running through your body is the cause of hot flashes, fat, bloat, tender breasts, headaches, brain fog, and lack of libido.

If these symptoms sound familiar, that's because they are also the symptoms of PMS.

I'll tell you why....

For the first two weeks of your cycle, the estrogen comes into play to prepare your body to conceive an embryo...holding water, cushioning your middle section, getting breasts ready to produce milk, hence tenderness, and lack of libido. You get the libido before the estrogen release so that you choose to

The second two weeks of your cycle the progesterone comes in and if there is no embryo to cradle, the progesterone washes away the symptoms of preparation.

Now you have no progesterone to do that because you're hit menopause. Stick with me I have more!

If you are overweight and carrying that excess estrogen the body will go to your adrenal glands as a backup plan to wash away the estrogen. So depending on how much you carry, using up your adrenals will make you tired.

The #1 complaint of women over 40 is being tired..all the time.

Yes it's tough.

The ONLY safe and effective way to combat this change, is to have the most impeccable nutrition possible.

You have to dissipate that fat by getting your liver to work optimally and that's what I teach women to do in my online course.

You have to keep you stress levels low, to keep your Cortisol down, to keep your belly fat at bay. You don't want to create an environment that is burning out your adrenals and putting your organs at risk via the visceral belly fat.

Then you have the Osteoporosis to worry about.

I could go on and on here but I created a free video series of nine, 6-10 minute videos explaining this process, including the fraud of Hormone Replacement Therapy and Bio Identical Hormones and how doctors are all too ready to write you prescriptions so they can make lots of money. All these things increase your chances of cancer greatly.

Because when your lady parts are winding down, the HRT is amping them up with fake hormones creating cells that are rapidly reproducing. Rapidly reproducing cells are cancer.

What's funny is I commented on the post about the "estrogen withdraw" in short summary paragraph less than I did here today.

And this morning it's gone. The entire post. They deleted the entire post and I looked hard for it!

Why do women want these excuses that they perceive are out of their control about their menopause misery and holding onto the fat?

Why is the truth too much to bear?

Why do they want to keep their heads in the sand?

To fully understand the process of menopause, and the fraud of medically treated menopause, and to learn the ONLY real solution to menopause, watch my free video at and let me help you change your life and future health.

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