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Is Surgery The Only Option For Endometriosis?

Feb 07, 2017

One of the main reasons I took on the task of exposing the fraud of medical menopause, is because on average 600,000 women per year in the United States go under the knife and have various degrees of their reproductive systems removed unnecessarily. Can you imagine? Avoidable surgery? Who are these doctors?

I don't know about you, but I take going under the knife very seriously. I simply don't believe so many women are randomly broken and being a broken woman is on the rise.

A study that's been out ten years already, surfaced in a video from one of my favorite go to doctors on all natural health.

When a woman has endometrial lesions removed, they generally have a 50% return rate. Endometriosis is an estrogen dependent disease, like breast cancer, so unless you address the excess estrogen, obviously the problem won't be solved. About one in twelve women suffer from endometriosis.

Japanese women have among the lowest rates of breast, endometrial, and ovarian cancers. They have longer menstrual cycles, and lower estrogen levels circulating in their blood. And, that may help account for their low risk of estrogen-dependent cancers as well as uneventful transitions to menopause.

All roads lead to food...Mother Nature's best helper.

This magical food has been shown to reduce reduce breast cancer and I bet you haven't heard this information yet.


Three women with abnormal cycles—two with endometriosis—volunteered to add a tiny amount of a common seaweed to their daily diet. It effectively lengthened their cycles (the time in between), and reduced the duration of their periods—and, not just by a little.

From the video:

"Subject #1. A 30-year history of irregular periods averaging every 16 days, but, having just a teaspoon, a quarter-teaspoon, of this seaweed powder a day added ten days onto her cycle, up to 26 days.

And, a half-teaspoon a day brought her up to 31—nearly doubling the length of her cycle. And, they all experienced marked reductions in blood flow, and a decreased duration of menstruation.

Poor subject #1 was having periods every 16 days that lasted nine days long—can you imagine? After 30 years of this kind of craziness, just a half-teaspoon of seaweed a day, and she was having periods just once a month, and only lasting about four days.

And, most importantly, in the two women suffering from endometriosis, they reported substantial alleviation of their pain.

How is that possible? A 75% drop in their estrogen levels after just a quarter-teaspoon of seaweed powder a day; 85% after a half-teaspoon."

While this is not quite a study, with no control group, no one in ten years was interested in following this up with more information.

Why or why not?


It hurts their bottom lines to eliminate the need for meds and surgery.

I can name ten women I know with this issue. Personally I've never suffered from any menstrual issues. If it's dropping estrogen levels that much, I bet it's great for treating menopause symptoms too because it's all due to excess estrogen.

It can't hurt you whatsoever to eat some seaweed daily and give it a try. I've seen it in Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and Publix in the Asian foods sections, these packets of seaweed snacks. They have them flavored and you can eat a whole box guilt free.

When it comes to meds...follow the money.

For more information on how to get through menopause all naturally without HRT, Bio-Identical Hormones, or antidepressants, go to  and watch my free video.

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