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It's Not Just Your Over 40 Weight Gain. Look What It's Costing You.

Jun 02, 2017

I help women go through menopause all naturally without dieting, counting calories, or suffering. By the time women are 40+, it's not just about weight loss. When this woman first contacted me, it was about losing 15 pounds and getting fit by her 40th birthday.

I sent her my health consult and I wanted to share what came back to me. I wonder if husbands know how ill their wives may be, or is your family on auto-pilot when you have four children? Because without your wife's health, where does that leave your family.

This is what I do. Diagnose & repair.

This one has permeated my psyche and you'll see why when you read it. When I got sick at 41, I was exhausted but not yet ill but that exhaustion was enough to wake me up and make major life changes.

Maybe you'll see yourself in this article and decide to take action. I am responding to her answers to my health questions.

"Miss X...(not her real name, lol) your health consult has permeated my brain for 24 hours.

You should be receiving my mindset daily emails.

Are you reading them?

I can’t begin to know what it’s like to have a husband and four children. 

As an outsider, I’ll tell you what I’ve seen by serving women for 17 years now.

You put yourself last…all the time.

Your value comes from serving your family which is wonderful but at what price are you paying?

I’m not saying don’t be mommy & wife, but the best mommy & wife you can be, is to be the best Miss X you can be.

She was born first.

Without YOU being healthy, what is left of your family?

The #1 issue I observed from doing hair for 15 years is…that women keep themselves so busy, so overly scheduled and busy, that they are never alone, alone with themselves and their own feelings, needs, and wants, and they never get addressed.

Their brains are wired to serve the family and then nothing is left for them.

Your body is breaking down and screaming for you to take care of it.

You are not randomly ill and all this is reversible by changing your menu to delicious good foods.

I’m so disturbed by your health consult because not once has anyone ever checked the box that they disagree with the statement “I am motivated…”

By checking yes or no to the box, you’ve told the universe of your intent to solve this problem or not.

So you said you don’t want to solve this problem.

You checked the box that you disagree with being motivated.

I include that as a psychological reinforcement for you to know that you’ve found the solution to your problem and are deciding to do something about it.

I decided to respond to your health consult and it may piss you off, but it’s comes from a place of wanting the best for you. I'm taking it one point at a time.

Two hours of sleep.


Right there is your #1 problem.

Most likely your Cortisol is high and that’s disturbing your sleep.

Most women will say, oh let me go to the doctor to find out.

Who the hell cares if it is official or not.

Don’t waste your money. 

There is no pill for reducing Cortisol. No pill will regulate your hormones the way sleep and the right foods will.

The body begins winding down as the sun goes down and the life we live on computers & tv today, keeps our natural melatonin from being created.

As you saw in my video, stress is the #1 enemy of women over 40 because the hormonal change happening is what it is. We are producing more Cortisol.

You’ve got to combat your sleep issue, if it’s getting off the computer by 8pm, and whatever stress is in your life. Saying no when you have to. If you have a husband that snores keeping you up, whatever it is, that is #1 to healing your body.

You need a sleep makeover. Bedding, white noise, control of your house, whatever it is, this is the reason for you being fat & fatigued.

When you first emailed me, you said you want to get in shape but you don’t want to work out.

What’s more important about saving your muscles than looking good, is that after 35 women start to lose lean muscle tissue which means you’re losing your metabolism.  

You need to do something about this or face becoming a shrinking frail fat woman. You don’t have to workout hard core but you have to do something. You will not be in shape doing nothing. You may actually find a workout you like.

Let me tell you what working out does for me.

It’s the one hour I am completely unplugged.

Getting into a good sweat releases endorphins.

My most amazing creative subconscious thoughts show up during this time.

I FEEL all my muscles and it feels amazing!

I am addicted to it.

I feel ALIVE during and all day after.

I FEEL like I’m taking care of me, and I FEEL self love.

I FEEL extraordinarily sexual during and after.

Too bad I’m single now, cuz some guy could be so lucky!! LOL

You said you never feel sexy.

I feel sexy every day and I’m 50 and four years post menopausal.

You tried going vegan but you don’t want to cook.

So are you getting food from drive thrus?

Does your husband help?

Can you pay someone to prepare meals?

Are you in the Instapot community?

That’s a way to make quick simple & healthy meals for a family.

Let's be solution oriented, not grab bad foods that are fast.

You never had a toned body and you want one.

Do you like yoga or pilates?

Riding a bike?

Can you at least take a walk?

I walk my dog at least 5 -6 miles a day.

I HAVE to live where I can have great daily walks.

All I’m doing right now is riding my bike 10 miles a day and doing pushups. 

That’s a full body workout.

Easy and fun!!

You have cellulite you don’t like.

Can’t promise to get rid of all of it, but can be less through diet & exercise.

You are pre-diabetic.

How is that a not enough to motivate you?

You have four children.

Do you know diabetes is reversible in 16 days on the right diet?

My father was diagnosed diabetic at 50 and died two months after turning 57.

I read many books about diabetes to make sure I never got it and it’s a horrible death when the liver & kidneys start shutting down.

Wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

Dairy & gluten bloating.

So don’t eat dairy & gluten.

There are amazing non dairy milks, and yogurts, but cheese..cheese is pure fat & poison.

Then only bite you’ll be able to resist is the first one.

Just say no.

Cheese is not so delicious that it's worth illness.



That is all toxins.

Yeast & sinus infections & earaches.

Wow. Tons of imbalance and toxins.

Bronchitis & pneumonia.

And you’re not motivated?

Arthritis. That’s diet.

That is an autoimmune chronic condition.

14 days of antibiotics can disrupt your gut flora, which might have to do with your eczema & low immune system.

Antibiotics destroy your good gut bacteria.

You checked the boxes for aches & pains, allergies, excessive hair loss, dehydrated skin.

Frequent sore throat, is from a low immune system.

I used to get strep throat 2x a year every year for as long as I can remember.

My last time was in 2010.

My hospital bill was $1800

That’s when I said no more and started researching changes.

I haven’t had it since.

I have not been sick one day since 2010 since I was 43.

You checked all the boxes for bad foods that you’re eating.


Problem solved.

Stop eating all those bad foods.

Yellow color urine.

Not drinking enough water.

Water regulates hundreds of body functions, plus you need it for weight loss, you have to get toxins out, which only happens through bowel movements, pee, or sweat.

You checked the boxes for nausea, stomach ache, difficulties moving your bowels.

All diet.

Imagine the disgusting substances that make up a fecal matter.

And they’re lingering in your colon and into your blood from that.

How could you NOT be toxic from that?

Get it out.

You’re easily irritable.

Of course you are.

Who wouldn’t be.

You’re way over taxed.

So you want to be lean, look sexy, wear skinny jeans and a black tank or a bikini.

I want to see you in those too!

I want to see what is going to put a smile on your face everyday for your children.

You are the model they are observing every day.

You’re ONLY 39.

Why aren’t you motivated?

Because I know my presentation was talking directly to you.

You said you wanted to lose 15 pounds I think and get in shape but look at all this.

This is what’s really going on.

You are not medically defective.

You are eating your way to illness and at 39, it’s had enough.

Chronic illness is showing up.

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