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Nike says..."Just Do It.". I Did It. You Can Too.

Apr 09, 2017

When I moved to Las Vegas in 2013 I was feeling like I was in the Wild Wild West. I had just left Sirius radio in New York City, embarking on a new adventure on a new side of the country.

When Seven Magazine put out their "Best Of" issue, I came upon a boutique gym owned by two guys, not a popular franchise.  One of the coolest guys in Vegas said it was a cool gym, and I wanted to meet cool people so I joined it.

It changed my entire life.

At age 46 I embarked on a mission to become an athlete, even though I wasn't quite aware I was doing so at the time. I just wanted to lose weight and be in shape like everyone else sets a goal to do.

There was something very different about this gym though.

It has heart.

It has goals.

It has teamwork.

It has spirit.

It has camraderie.

Within the first month I was there, a lot of members were doing the "Color Run", a 5K run of downtown Vegas where a loud music plays and as you run, volunteers splash you with colored powder of some sort, maybe it was flour, but you are splashed in colors by the time you finish.

I had not run since 8th grade. I had never run a 5K before in my life.  To my complete and utter shock, I was able to keep up and didn't have to stop once to catch my breath. Being in the Vegas sun, with the camraderie of the other gym members, and my new life spirit made my legs move and my lungs drink in the fresh air.

I did it! I finished!

Ok 5K is only 3.5 miles but wow I didn't it witout stopping or dying.

Next up they were forming a team for the Spartan Race.

Eight miles running through the desert, the real desert, with 35 obstacles along the way. Could I do this? Could I really do this? A 46 year old who's never worked out past aerobics and lifting the pretty colored weights?

I didn't know if I could, but I knew I could try. Just Do It.

I went to one training another gym was offering to get us ready and to my complete shock, people who were younger and who were avid runners, couldn't keep up with ME, because at my gym, we were already doing the type of things they do in the Spartan Race. I was acing this training!!

I was hooked. It was fun. Setting a goal and accomplishing it was awesome!

I hear from so many women my age, which is now 50, that they can't work out like I do.  I couldn't work out like I do. 

But one day I started and then I got "Better Every Day"...the slogan of my gym.

During my three years at this gym, the owner reached a dream of his become a Nike Master Trainer.  He wanted this goal for twelve years and it finally happened at age 32. And we lost him as a weekly trainer, but we all knew his talent couldn't be contained. He could have easily been scooped up by any professional sports team on the planet.

I was so angry that we lost him and I never got used to his replacements but I had to acquiesce to my reality.

I was so lucky to have been able to train under this guy, and for only $125 a month. I trained with one of the best trainers in the entire world.

Tonight I peeked on his Facebook page and this video was on it of him and some other Nike Master Trainers doing their thing in London. I remember when he went away for this. I just never saw the video before.

I hit the button to watch it. It's all men. They're young.  

The video is about giving them an experience of what it's like to train as a professional athlete.

And I've been doing everything in this video for the last four years. 

I had no idea this was pro level working out. Don't get me wrong, it was freaking hard, but then it got easier. And I could jump on higher boxes, and lift heavier weights, and do more pushups, and sprint faster. I still can't climb a rope, but I keep trying.

Nike's famous slogan is beyond the most simple and truest statement ever.

Just Do It.

Watch the video. I can be any one of those young men running, jumping, pulling a car. I did all of that. I do all of that still.

So can you. Just do it. Click on the picture. It will open in a new screen.

Meet my former coach, Branden Collinsworth.

Menopause is the best time ever to set some extraordinary goals for yourself.

I'l show you how.

Oh and they asked me to be in a gym at age 48.

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