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Stop Lying To Women About Their Hormones!

insomnia melatonin sleep Oct 29, 2020

Which explanation is more believable to you?

Guess which one I wrote!

I'm so sick of the bull$hit posted to scare you about losing your reproductive hormones.

Your body knows you're running out of eggs!

Nothing to be afraid of!

Hormone University out of NYC wrote on IG:

#1. "Let’s talk about one of the most common symptoms for women going through menopause: Insomnia.

As the ovaries produce fewer hormones during perimenopause, the lower levels of progesterone make insomnia much more likely to occur. WRONG!

Hot flashes, which are typical menopause symptoms, can also increase your adrenaline in bursts during the night, making it much harder to get a good night’s sleep. WRONG!

Insomnia occurs when one has a hard time falling asleep and wakes up often throughout the night. NO KIDDING!

Symptoms include taking 30 minutes or longer to fall asleep, waking up early, or feeling lethargic throughout the day.

Consistent insomnia can also impact your health by increasing stress, making you more anxious, or creating gastrointestinal issues. TRUE!

While there aren’t any cures to treat insomnia, implementing lifestyle changes can make a drastic difference in overall quality of sleep. HALFWAY RIGHT!

Keeping your bedroom temperature cool, shutting off lights, and creating a calm environment can relieve the mind and body of stress. TRUE!

Eating earlier in the day, staying hydrated, and doing yoga or stretches before sleep can also reduce chances of developing insomnia." WRONG!

Answer #2. (The REAL Answer)

"Insomnia has nothing to do with progesterone or estrogen. TRUE!

It's due to high cortisol, and could be nocturnal hypoglycemia from women's chronic dieting and lack of essential amino proteins. TRUE!

When the nutrition is lacking, the metabolic processes are stressed even if one mentally doesn't feel it, they are. TRUE!

This causes the rise in cortisol. TRUE!

Additionally lights, phones, computers, TV's disrupt the natural melatonin production that begins at sundown. TRUE!

Using candles at night instead of lights helps the melatonin generate. TRUE!

Also to even create melatonin, one has to eat foods that contain the micronutrients that produce it. TRUE!

Lastly, the coffee habits of women over 40 definitely add to their lack of melatonin production." TRUE!

For the REAL scoop on how the menopause transition affects your body and what to do with it, skip the Pharmaceutical fed "experts" and join my "Sexy And Fabulous Academy" because you don't want to be a women who went to the doctor and got meds, you really want to be a sexy and fabulous broad who's in control of her life and future! LOL

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