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The Best Way To Master Menopause All Naturally

May 15, 2017

I'm not fluffy and full of sugar.

I'm nice, but it won't say I'm nice on my gravestone, nor will someone say that giving my eulogy.

I'm pragmatic. I get to the point. And I don't allow for BS.

I'm ASTOUNDED by what I see on Facebook about how ill women are, and what they are doing to to try to fix it.

Women put me in groups all the time without my asking so when I got in these, I had my eyes opened wide.

Here is an example:

I'm keeping this short and sweet.

By the time you have this degree of illness & hormonal disruption, you're body is screaming to you that you are feeding it garbage and you'd better stop now because it can't take it much longer.

It's the food.

It's the food.

It's the food.

She's been sick for 20 years.

You're not randomly ill.

You have food poisoning, but not like the food poisoning that surfaces immediately, like when you eat a bad tuna fish sandwich and throw up for a day and a half.

This is a slow death.

A slow food poisoning death.

Mother Nature is brilliant in that she created delicious foods for us that keep our bodies working brilliantly, that keep our hormonal symphonies working beautifully.

When you veer off the menu she created for us, don't expect to feel well.

Do you know that menopause is only difficult for women of westernized countries?

Why do you think that is?

What is the difference?

We're all women with the same parts.

Did you ever ask yourself that.

One difference. The food.

To get your body back on track to working optimally, by eating delicious foods, losing weight, feeling great, having gorgeous skin, and feeling amazing about yourself, go to my site and get started getting my information.

I show women how to eat for all natural anti-aging, weight loss, & hormonal control.

I'm 50. It works.




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