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The FDA Does Not Have Your Back When It Comes To Menopause. Find Out Why.

Apr 20, 2017

Often women ask me how I can vehemently be against HRT and Bioidentical hormones.

  • Because I read the insert.
  • Because no studies conclude that they actually help you.
  • Because they increase your risk of heart attack, stroke, & cancer by 40+%.
  • Because a 40 year study of 100,000 women shows the increase in breast cancer risk.
  • Because the first synthetic estrogen was on the market from 1938 until 1971 even AFTER they knew it caused cancer and infertility in not only the consumer, but the consumer's offspring and their offspring.
  • Because the FDA is more concerned with pharmaceutical lobbying bribes than the truth.
  • Because doctors are informed and trained about HRT by former doctors who are now highly paid pharmaceutical reps. 
  • Because Premarin, a top HRT, comes from the urine of pregnant horses and it's a disgusting concept to me and vile abusive industry to the horses.

These women ask me..." can this go on?"

Because HRT is a billion dollar a year industry.

So I ask you....Women. Where is your common sense?

Does it make any sense to you that a natural life transition needs a medical remedy that is pushing fake hormones into your cells at a time when those hormones are winding down?

Yes American women have menopause symptoms. I had a slew of them. But it never made any sense to me to seek out a band aid. 

I went to the solution and eliminated the problem.

Doesn't this make more sense?

Our blind dependence on doctors is at an all time high.

Even women who aren't even getting results from the hormones are still taking them! 

Even though they are fatter and sicker than before they took them.

Where is your common sense?

If your body is not living in homeostasis, it's dying to get there.

By the time you have symptoms for any condition, your body is dying to repair itself.

When you get a cut, doesn't it heal?

When you break a bone, doesn't it heal?

Your hormones are a glorious symphony of chain reactions and when one or even a few are out of sync, they're dying to get back to normal.

Only food can accomplish this.

Why don't you try it, before willfully taking medications that are toxic to your blood causing TOXEMIA.

You are not randomly ill.

You've eaten yourself to it.

The state of your excess estrogen prior to menopause determines how your will experience it.

Most American women are living with pathologically high levels of estrogen so even when their estrogen drops in menopause, they're still living with a high level.

It's so easy to fix this it's even funny.

But there's no profits in recommending a hormonally friendly diet, so doctors don't care.

I do.

I'll show you how.

And on top of managing your menopause, you're going to be getting all natural anti-aging, weight loss, and doing the best job ever of bullet proofing your body from chronic illness and disease.

Who doesn't want this?

To watch my video on how I conquered my menopause symptoms and fat loss using only food, go to and watch right now.

Change your hormones in your next meal.

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