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The Ultimate Cure For Your Raging Cramps, Clots, & Crazy Time Of The Month

May 26, 2017

If you haven't followed my blogs...I created The Sexy & Fabulous Academy, an all natural way to go through menopause without meds, anti-depressants, or the insanity.

So women come to me to talk about their cycles a lot. lol

Women are supposed to be healthy and their female organs and functions should not be a "curse”.

But in fact, most women do suffer considerably. Don't look for defects in your “female design” to explain the reasons for these epidemics of female troubles, but look rather to your diet.

The amount of bleeding and the severity of pain during menses are a direct consequence of the amount of endometrial tissue, which is just your menstrual blood filled with tissues, that is built up each month and must be shed at the time of menstrual flow.

The amount of tissue that is formed is a consequence of estrogen stimulation. Surely you are aware that lean athletes & gymnasts often lose their periods due to low body fat. They have low levels of estrogen. 

Doesn't it make sense that women with more body fat will have more estrogen? You bet! 

That fat that you are adamantly holding on to, under the guise of "fat acceptance" is creating more estrogen. There are consequences for that.

A diet higher in fats means more estrogens which means more endometrial build up.

Passage of large clots through the neck of the uterus during menstrual flow causes pain.

Normally, menstrual blood contains factors that prevent clotting. But saturated fat causes blood to clot more readily, adding more pain to the menses.

And when your period is slowing down and your hormones are going haywire, AND...depending on that can get a super heavy period with clots and debilitating cramping.

Before you reach for Midol or Tylenol, try this old school, only your grandma knows remedy.

Real authentic Blackberry Brandy.

Two shots.

Chill out for 20 mins.

The blackberry brandy will thin the clots and relax your muscles.

Enjoy it.

And keep the pharmacology toxins low in your blood by avoiding Tylenol or Midol.

Now am I telling you it's ok to be fat and just use Brandy for your debilitating blood clot menstrual symptoms? No.

Your excess estrogen is a very likely path to cancer. Women are 40% more likely to have a heart attack, stroke, & cancer after menopause than before.  

Being very overweight is going against what Mother Nature wants for you.

For information regarding my modern menopause plan, go to right now to see how to lose weight & feel great all naturally.

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