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To Ask For Help Or Not...Pride VS Paying The Price.

May 14, 2017

I know how hard it is to ask for help.

There's nobody more self reliant than I am, since I left home at 16, and had to prove to my parent's that I didn't need them.

I'm sure I've suffered and paid the price for this position, but the day finally came that I was forced to ask for help.

It was after my boyfriend committed suicide in 2001.  I hit the road to NYC, in search of my dream life. Sex In The City was just taking off, and I was determined to become one of those women. I drank the Kool-Aid.

It was about a month after my boyfriend's death, that I was in my truck, driving through the Lincoln Tunnel, that I came out the other side into the big city.

I had been online searching for apartments and had a few picked out to look at that gorgeous Saturday. I had a Garmin navigation system plugged in and it told me to turn right.

Only you can't turn right on 34th Street on a Saturday.

So as the police kept forcing me to keep driving forward, and my Garmin was saying "TURN RIGHT TURN RIGHT TURN RIGHT" at every block, it was then that the circumstances of my life hit me.

My beloved amazing boyfriend was dead. I was alone. I had just impulsively moved across the country to the most expensive city in the country, with no friends, no job, no plan, and with very little money.

I started to cry my eyes out on 34th Street.

I called my friend Donnie, who was from NYC, but lived in Chicago and just said "I need help." I was overwhelmed and nearly paralyzed in fear.

He told me to call his friend Damien and I did.

He had me come to his office to use the computer to do more apartment looking and I just wanted to go to bed, but I had none, and I wasn't rich enough to check in to a hotel.

Looking at these listings and the prices, the tears just started flowing down my face like I turned on a faucet above my eyes, and Damien asked me if I was all right.

I finally faced the facts of my life.

I was not all right.

I needed help.

He took me out for a beer and after hearing my story, offered me his couch for as long as I needed. He was a complete stranger and no one had ever helped me in my entire life. I said yes to this. I had no choice.

I have a handful of women who are friends, but not close friends, just friendly friends, who need my help but don't ask.

It's not like I can say to them, let me help you get the weight off.

Let me help you with your chronic illness, and get off these ten medications.

Let me help you with your BS thyroid issues.

Today a dear friend posted a question about getting headaches with taking Prilosec.  She has stomach ulcers.

By the time you have stomach ulcers, you're really in a digestive cluster you know what.

#1. They suppress your stomach acid. So how are you going to digest your food? You're not. It's going to rot in your stomach and create an autoimmune condition.

#2. Chronic use may lead to confusion, delirium, and dementia, brain function loss, memory loss.

#3. They increase your risk of esophageal & stomach cancer.

#4. Because you need your food digested and have limited your stomach acid, your blood is going to leech calcium from your bones to neutralize the acid inducing foods, contributing to Osteoporosis down the road.

#5. They contribute to headaches because you're changed how your body is absorbing nutrients, and now your'e not getting B12 and Magnesium so you're getting headaches.

You're being poised every single day that you continue to think that your food choices have nothing to do with your condition.

It's a slow daily poisoning.

Sure you can survive, but you won't thrive, and it's only going to get worse.

Imagine if you burned your hand while cooking every time you cooked, and you cook three times a day. Do you think your skin will ever heal? Of course not.

But if you stopped cooking all together, you know your hand will heal.

That's what's happening with your food choices.

They're keeping you fat.

They're keeping you sick.

They're keeping you in a miserable menopause.

Yes you had hormonal changes, but Mother Nature isn't stupid.

Your menopause transition wasn't designed to make you ill and miserable for a decade and oh yes ladies, it's a decade of your life so how do you want to live it?

Ask me for help.

It's what I do. It's what I live for. It's what I've studied for the past nine years because it happened to me and I couldn't find the help for four years.

I took my four years of study and put it together to help others.

Ask me for my help.

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