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To Keto Or Not To Keto..That Is The Question?

Apr 23, 2017

Women & diets....

When I was 40 pounds fat, there was no way I was going to accept that I had to live in this fat body. I hated it. I was so unhappy. I totally understand that we're looking for THE answer, and most people are looking for the quick fix answer.

The keto diet has been on my radar of late. This is a diet in which you eat meat and fat, or as they like to say, protein and fats.  But it's meat and fats. They say the "good" fats, but the pictures in the groups are meat smothered with cheese. Even if one is eating lean meat and good fats, I still don't approve of this diet, especially for women over 40.

A man who's been my friend since we were 13 years old, has been in the hospital for the last eight months with serious kidney problems.

He's been doing Keto his entire adult life. He is 6'4", and his weight has yo-yo'd from 200-500 pounds for 30 years.

A Facebook friend asked how her tribe felt about these diets.

I said a firm no, and I was in the minority.

Here's why I say no to this diet, and dieting in general.

When I think about eating, and a "way" of eating, I want health first, and fat loss second.

Yes you can lose fat on a keto diet. Yes your cholesterol can go down on the keto diet despite eating meat and fat.


Your cholesterol will go down with any weight loss.

A cocaine diet will lower your cholesterol too lol.

What won't go down, is your cardiovascular risk and your risk of disease.

We have studies that have measured the impact of low-carb diets on arteries directly, and a review of all the best studies done to date found that low-carb diets impair arterial function, as evidenced by a decrease in flow-mediated dilation—meaning low-carb diets effectively cripple people’s arteries.

Unfortunately these low carb diets include fiber rich fruits & vegetables.

Dr. Richard Fleming, an accomplished nuclear cardiologist, did a fantastic study.

What happened to those on the low-carb diet? Their condition significantly worsened; 40 - 50% more artery clogging at the end of the year. Thanks to the kind generosity of Dr. Fleming, we can actually see the changes in blood flow for ourselves.

Without blood flow, we die.

There are women in Keto groups who say they've been eating this way for ten years or more.

There are women who say they are off and on this diet.

If it's so great, why do you have to go off?

I eat the same way every day. I don't diet.

I think one should eat as Mother Nature intended. We should not have to suffer to survive. Eating should be pleasurable but not addictive.

Additionally...let's talk about aging.

I'm going to be direct and truthful.

I look at the keto women and I think they look very tired and aged.

They say they are "healthy" but that is a vague and subjective term.

Ok you have the low cholesterol.

How is your blood pressure?

Have you taken a C-reactive protein test to determine if you have inflammation? I have none.

Can you run? Swim? Ride a bike? 

No meat and fat are going to nourish your collagen.

No one ever believes my real age.

I promote all natural anti-aging along with my weight loss plan.

The shortening of human telomeres - the caps that protect our chromosomes from deterioration - has been associated with aging and disease.

Only phytonutrients can protect your telomeres. Think of them like a shoelace with an aglet on each end, like how our shoelaces are protected.

Each morsel of acidic bad food shortens our telomeres.

Swapping just 1% of saturated fat calories in our diet for anything else can add nearly a whole year of aging's worth of length onto our telomeres.

Researchers have calculated how much of our telomeres we may shave off per serving of foods like ham or hot dogs, bologna, salami, or other lunch meats. Fish consumption was also significantly associated with shortened telomeres.

Saturated fats like palmitic acid, the primary saturated fat in salmon, and found in meat, eggs, and dairy in general can actually be toxic to cells.

This has been demonstrated in heart cells, bone marrow cells, pancreatic cells and brain cells.

Inflammation, oxidation, damage and dysfunction are constantly hacking away at our telomeres, and at the same time our antioxidant defenses, a healthy diet and exercise, stress reduction are constantly rebuilding them.

Better choice of diet and activities has great potential to reduce the rate of telomere shortening or at least prevent excessive telomere shrinkage, leading to delayed onset of age-associated diseases and increased lifespan.

It's not just about looking good. 

It's about thriving and not just surviving.

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