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Women And Insanity!

Mar 15, 2017

From the Facebook group where the suggested diet is protein & fat & only 20 gm of carbs:

"I know one of the benefits of being fat adapted is better sleep ...but here I am at 3 am not sleeping ...happens too often ,,,ugh."

 "I am looking for any advice on how to raise my energy level and lose weight. Since I went through surgical menopause about 21 months ago, I have gained 50 pounds which is crazy. My energy level is non existent, I want to eat all the time, especially sugar, my sleep is terrible. I really need help. I've been to the doctor but all they want to do is keep increasing my HRT patch dose."

"I am diabetic, PCOS, and under active thyroid. Total Hysterectomy at 36. Went into Menopause immediately. Current age is 45. Taking phentermine to control hunger and increase energy."

The definition of insanity, is to keep doing the same thing and expecting different results.

When my life & health was taken down by menopause, the doctors made no sense to me.

I'd ask.."How exactly does the HRT work?" No answer.

"What exactly is happening to me that is making this happen?"

Maybe I have a bit of masculine energy, but to me it makes sense to find out what the cause is, and start eliminating that. Eliminate the source.

Since the doctor couldn't even tell me physiologically what was happening, I blew them off and went in search of my own answers, and I found out exactly what is happening in women over 40 when the ascent into menopause begins to happen. Then I created a plan to compensate for that and ELIMINATE the cause...using food & phytonutrients.

Taking quote #1 from above, she keeps eating fat because she was told it will help her sleep. How so I ask? What is fat going to do to your body to make that happen? Because according to her comment, it's not.

Quote #2, she has a slew of symptoms, low energy, tremendous weight gain, sugar cravings, no sleep, and doctor just keeps upping the HRT, thus raising her risk of cancer tremendously, but is not helping.

If this were my client, I'd first ask her to show me what you eat for seven days. Did the doctor do that? Doubtful. Doctors have only 24 hours of nutrition instruction. They learn medicine, not healthcare. This woman has sugar cravings because she's trained her body to have them. I train my women to have cravings for natural sugar and fiber, the new best friends of women in menopause.

My heart just breaks for these women forced into surgical menopause. There is a new industry booming, and it's "precancer". Oh yeah! Scaring the women who have fibroids into thinking they're about to get cancer so just take out their lady parts! I'm pretty sure that God knew what he was doing when he designed this fantastic and complex system of reproduction. I bet that operation was a down payment on a summer house for the doctor.

Yes I'm generalizing, but this is happening more than the average person knows. Over 600,000 women in the USA each year get a hysterectomy to some degree, and only 10% of them actually have cancer.

When you have fibroids, there's a high chance you can change your diet and detox them out of your body. Yes I've seen it many times. You don't have to jump to surgery. My neighbor detoxed a giant fibroid off her kidney in six months. Four doctors told her to remove it. Remove your kidney! As if it was like cutting off a long fingernail!

Lady #3 is diabetic. If she's type 2, do you know you can reverse that in 16 days? Yes with food.

She has an under active thyroid. Do you know that women eat their thyroid to become sluggish? When you have a poor diet and get fat, that fat secretes excess estrogen and that weakens your thyroid.

She's taking Phentermine to control her appetite. Do you know that Phentermine eventually becomes worthless because your body adapts to it? What will she do when she gets off of it? Phentermine is a very dangerous drug and it's not meant to be lived on. I'd bet everything I own and my future income that 100% she gains all the weight back.

But you know who does live on it? Cycles and cycles of it? Women in media on television who's contracts don't allow them to get fat. What is their future health looking like? My guess is that they'll be blowing up when they finally get off that stuff.

I had a client who's doctor cycled her on Phentermine for five years straight, on/off, on/off. Does that sound like a weight loss success? Not to me.

What I do for my clients is change their cravings to change their health, to change their lives.

It's not a diet.

It's your future lifestyle.

These comments are from a low carb ketosis group for menopause where every picture of food has eggs, cheese, & butter. You don't have to be a nutritionist to know that eggs, cheese, & butter aren't healthy. But somehow these women think that eliminating carbs makes that diet safe & successful.

Tell me exactly how those are going to build your immune system, give you good gut health, give you the kind of microbiome defense you need to keep chronic disease away, give you strong bones, prevent osteoporosis, and get your liver working optimally to release fat cells?

It's not. That's why they continue to cycle.

To change your weight, health, & life over 40, watch my free video.

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