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Why Fat Loss For Women Over 40 Is It's Own Special Battle.

May 17, 2017

I've been in the menopause business for five years now.

I've been researching for nine years.

It took me four years to figure it out, and apply what I learned, and I lost 40 pounds at age 45, and have kept it off for five years now with very little effort.

My meno happened at age 46 so it makes sense that my peri-meno began at 41, when all hell broke loose in my body.

I created a fantastic video series that breaks down how medical solutions for menopause is the biggest fraud perpetuate on women in the last 80 years.

When I get a headache, which is almost never, I don't go to the medicine cabinet for Tylenol. I ask myself, hmmm, what did I do to make this headache happen? And then I eliminate it if possible.

When I got fat at 41, I had not really changed my daily diet or workouts but I gained the forty pounds very quickly.

I had to find out why, because no normal weight loss efforts worked.

DAILY women argue with me about this and absolutely refuse to address what they eat.

IF you have menopause symptoms, you have a menu problem.

Do you realize that women in China & Japan had uneventful menopause and almost no hot flashes, that there isn't even a word for them?

If you've had a hot flash, you know they exist and if women in Japan were having them, a word for them would have been created.

They don't have the.

Why are these women different?
Do you think that they have some magically different reproductive parts?

They don't.

What IS different, is their menu.

I don't want to say "diet" because diet implies calorie restriction.

I don't support dieting.

I support a brand spanking new over 40 menu, one that allows your liver to work optimally, to start vacating your fat cells.

One that doesn't get your thyroid to become sluggish.

One that triggers your hormonal symphony to work, not missing any parts.

There are two things you're facing right now:

Nutritional deficiency and your body fights to keep fat to protect your organs.

Menopausal women have two enemies:

Stress and Cortisol.

To learn how I won my menopause battle and how you can too, go to right now and sign in to start reading and watching my information.

There is NO WOMAN over 40 in American that can't benefit from this and bulletproof her future health by making the changes I suggest.




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