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Why You're Not Getting Sleep When You're Over 40.

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I'm going to tell you how to get good sleep when you’re going through menopause.

And I know what you’re going through!

You’re so tired but you can’t sleep!

You’re falling asleep at 9pm, and then you move to your bed, and then all of a sudden you’re wide awake until 2 am!

Why? Why? Why is it like this?

Welcome to being over 40, and the perimenopausal changes that are happening.
It’s your cortisol.

That’s it.
When this started happening to me, my cortisol was at midnight, what it’s supposed to be at 7 am and vice versa, so no wonder I couldn’t sleep, and then I couldn’t wake up when I was supposed to.

This is one of the most important obstacles you need to conquer for the next decade and I’ve got the solution and it’s not only easy, but it’s pleasurable.

The solution is in your hormonal stability.
Your entire next decade is in your hormonal stability.

The answer to this is FOOD!

Yep it’s food!

Food is what triggers hormonal stability.

That, and managing stress.

Stress is the cortisol activator!

So you’ve got to take a step up and control that.

Say no when you need to say no to people who want you to do things you really don’t want to do.

Ask for what you need and want from your husband, job, children, etc.

Reduce stress because it’s integral to your getting good sleep.

Then there’s the food aspect.

It’s imperative that you eliminate processed foods.

Chemicals and toxins send your hormones into a free for all!

What I teach is how to change your cravings away from the processed foods to that of whole foods.

Only whole foods are going to stabilize your hormones.

You don’t need to go to a doctor for this.

Medicine is only going to cause a fake hormonal reaction inside your body and does it make any sense that going through a completely natural transition in your life, that every single woman on the planet goes through, requires medicine??

No it does not!!

For instance, change your breakfast from eggs and bacon or cold cereal, which are meals that spike your insulin, and then drop it in an hour, making you sleepy….to smoothies packed with nutrients from spinach and fruits.

The more good stuff you add to your body, the more it will crave it.

As it’s craving more good stuff, you won’t be craving bad stuff, and you won’t even miss it.

You’re only one meal away from changing your hormonal stability!

Let me know how you learned about menopause in the comments section and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.

Ladies my wish for you…

is that you free yourself from the prison that constant worry about your body does to you,

Because Mother Nature has your back going through menopause and beyond, and she has a better way.

Now let’s go tell the world.

Watch my free video to find out how I can help you get through menopause all naturally.


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