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Why You Should Never See A Doctor For Menopause.

Apr 07, 2017

I like to share what's emailed to me so women don't feel they are alone in this battle, and this particular email is very representative of what is going on with most working women over 40.

From the email.....

"What's killing me is this menopause.

Can't sleep, brain fog, forget words, peoples names, lose where I was In conversation.

Ten pads since my last period in November.
I can't have 10 pads on.

Hate this Damm weight.
I went to a very very good doctor here two weeks ago Dr. XXX, look her up.

So started estrogen and progesterone compound.
Side effects: Headache, feel more pudgy,
The big one is, I had no anxiety or panic since November.

Now which proves to me I had it from hormones.
Because within 12 days on compound, they're back."

I looked up the doctor she mentioned. She is a very prominent Bioidentical compound and perimenopausal specialist, and yet this woman, the patient, had her anxiety return, feels fatter, raging period, headaches, and anxiety, and the hormones have not helped one bit.

She also told me that two heart surgeons told her that "women can have heart attacks easier without estrogen."

The disinformation is extraordinary! Believe me a heart surgeon isn't remotely informed about a menopausal woman. They are trained in fixing hearts that don't function which comes from artheriosclorosis. 

Taking HRT increases a woman's chance of a heart attack by 40%+ the longer you take it. It's birth control times 10. It's a complete contradiction.

If a woman is overweight, she has excess estrogen. She doesn't need more. The only women who would need estrogen help would be a woman say, over 65, out of the menopause range, who is quite thin, which is rare.  Because she has so little body fat, she may need estrogen.

If you have fat over 40, those fat cells are producing estrogen, along with your adrenals. Your ovaries have dropped their estrogen production, but only by 40%.

Most American women are operating with pathologically high estrogen levels their entire adult lives, so when the estrogen drops 40%, they are still operating over 100%, hence the menopause symptoms.

If you are considering Bioidentical hormones please read this first.

On the doctor's website, it states, "Transdermal use of bioidentical hormones conveys all of the benefits of conventional synthetic oral HRT, without increasing certain well documented cardiovascular risk factors."

That is a complete lie.

Read the insert I say.

The hormones are "identical". Therefore the risks are the same, so says The Medical Letter, which is the Consumer Reports of the drug industry.

And..when the FDA tested random bottles of HRT & Bio's, they found that the doses can be all over the place, even in the same bottles.

Read the insert.

The doctors learn about these hormones from pharmaceutical reps who are usually beautiful women in short skirts who come in and schmooze the doctors for their business. HRT is a billion dollar a year business. You bet they're protecting their profits.

If your doctor hasn't addressed WHAT YOU EAT, they are not serving you.

I always ask..."Does it make any sense to you that you need outside medical help to go through a perfectly natural life transition, that women all over the world have been going through for all of mankind?"


Food is always to blame, and food always the answer.

You are so lucky that food is the answer! That means you have complete control over solving this problem.

Mother Nature is not wrong.

I've proved it time and time again with every one of my clients.

So what I do for women is this:

  1. Look at what you eat for 7 days.
  2. Inform you what you are consuming that is disrupting your hormones.
  3. Give you the information on how to eat FOR your hormones instead of against them via my membership site.
  4. Suggest nutraceuticals I trust to get you back on track, consisting of halogens, vitamins, & minerals that get your thyroid and liver working optimally.
  5. Monitor your food intake for 30 days, advising you how to eat so that you are in a fat burning zone every day, eating for your true hunger, and getting you eating more and weighing less.

Does your doctor do that?

When doctors write you a prescription they have done three horrible things in my opinion...

  1. They just created a lifetime co-dependent relationship between you and the drug, which equals income for them. Any drugs you take are toxic to your blood, making your body have to work even harder.
  2. They just made you not responsible for the state of your own health. OH it's my thyroid, it's my hormones, it's whatever. It's not my fault. Bullshit.
  3. They are making women feel broken, malfunctioning, and stealing away your confidence. They are making you feel less than.

My plan is to charge you once for my 30 days of assistance, and I hope you find my nutraceuticals life changing that you choose to stay on them. I make a commission on them.

Once I invested in my health care, instead of health insurance, I have never been sick since. I have never regretted it. I am in the best shape and health of my entire life at 50 years old.

You as a woman over 40, have to have a plan for your menopause, or your menopause will have a plan for you.

Doctors are not the answer.

Your menu is.

I call it Menupause.

To get started working with me, go to and sign in to watch my video and I can change your health in your next meal.


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