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You Have Nothing To Lose But Fat & Misery With Me.

Apr 18, 2017

I have a group for women over 40 who want to really lose weight for good.

It came to my attention at 11pm on Saturday night from, that some members of the community complained about me, saying there is no way to verify my credentials.

Specifically, they referred to the words I used in my description, which I wrote on a whim, that I have "100% success".

I CAN speak for myself, if that's what needs to be done. They forced me to change the language so I did. I changed it to "fantastic" results.

I was fat for four years from age 41-45, in the midst of perimenopause, and I got un-fat without using dieting, counting calories, suffering, or using drugs and I've kept the weight off for five years and I have no inflammation, and I never get sick. That's 100% success.

I call myself a....

“Nationally Recognized Weight Loss Over 40 Expert, Holistic Detoxing Specialist & Natural Anti-Aging Guru”.

I am nationally recognized. I was on Sirius radio for two years on Friday mornings on the the biggest channel they have, and that is a national platform.  My clients live all over the United States and Europe.

I don't know how Meetup could verify this in any way other than asking me to show them who paid me and where do they live.

I am a certified detoxing health specialist. What does this mean?

It means I took the course of a 20 year cellular research biologist with a degree from Stanford and learned what she teaches.  We restore the body to homeostasis which means we get it working as Mother Nature intended. I present a drug free solution to menopause using only food.

I call myself an all natural anti-aging guru. The definition of "guru" is an "influential teacher". I don't know how this can be verified other than asking my clients who look and feel younger without Botox or surgery. My women are gorgeous and I'm so proud of that. I've saved them from debilitating chronic disease. Their skin is glowing and they are happy. Their menopause symptoms have been greatly reduced.

I was the emcee for three years for a very large health event in Las Vegas, and from that event, I met, listened to, and interviewed the biggest doctors in lifestyle medicine, which pretty much means using almost no medicine. We heal through food.

That's my education. Thousands of hours of reading, listening, and researching to the best of the best.

Tony Robbins has no specific credentials for what he does, yet he owns an empire and is worth a half a billion dollars.

The "credentials" are that he has results. People change their lives and businesses after his courses. Same for me. I have results.

I feel sad for women who feel they need to report me. They could just leave the group. I've harmed no one.

I attracted women who want some help. I give them my brochure. We enjoy a meal together. I answer questions. We get to know one another.

I've nothing to hide.

I created a classy, high value group with only the best intentions to help women with a very difficult and very misunderstood life transition.

No room for mean girls or haters.

Living well is the best revenge.

If you'd like to kick menopause fat in the ass, watch my webinar at right now and start changing your hormones in your next meal.

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