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You're Complaining. Why Aren't You Ready To Change?

Apr 12, 2017

I meet women every single day in real life and online who are complaining about the fifty pounds that has crept up on them in the last two years.

They have no idea why this weight has packed on.

So I answer them.

My answers are based on physiology and science.

I know the exact reason your over 40 body has put weight on. I made it my business to know because when it happened to me, it completely debilitated my life.

#1. After the age of 35 you start losing lean muscle tissue unless you're lifting weights to compensate for that loss.

#2. After the age of 40, your fat shifts from subcutaneous to visceral, from under your skin to your belly. This viseral fat contains a group of toxic proteins that increase inflammation throughout your body.  

It increases your blood pressure.

It's increasing production of Interleukin 6 which further increases inflammation. 

Your metabolism is being governed by this excess body fat. Do you understand what this means? It means that the fatter you get, the less you can eat. You will store more and more.

When you don't have enough adiponectin, it tells your body to store more fat.

It's a vicious cycle.

Your liver is over worked and clogged with cholesterol which leads to plaque build up in your arteries.

Women over 50 have an increased chance of heart attack by 40+%.

#3. Any American woman suffering from menopause symptoms that are debilitating her body has excess estrogen. Most American women live with pathologically high levels of estrogen so when their estrogen drops coming in to menopause, it's still too high. 

Women are doing so many things that are causing fake hormonal reactions that their hormones have no idea what is going on.

#1. If you've taken birth control long term your hormones are way out of whack.

#2. Coffee is a drug. Coffee gives the illusion of energy, not the reality. Coffee depletes your adrenals so when you need them to offset your excess estrogen, you've blown them out with your coffee drinking.

#3. Eating foods with high fructose corn syrup, xenoestrogens, preservatives, salt, oil, and sugar all affect your hormonal harmony. They create fake hormonal reactions.

I had brunch with four women on Sunday all complaining of weight gain.  We talked about coffee. I told them they have to get off coffee. Each one of them recoiled in shock. Nobody is taking their coffee from them. 

I find this astounding.

When I was fat, tired, and desperate, I would have done anything to get back to normal. Coffee was the least of my worries.

Why aren't you ready to change if you're so unhappy?

How is your suffering serving you?

It is a myth that you have to suffer to lose this weight.

All you need is to put the phytonutrients into your body that will get your liver to metabolize the fat.

It's so easy you're not going to believe it.

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