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Your Husband Contacted Me. Find Out Why. Yes YOU!

May 22, 2017

Yes your husband contacted me.

In fact, 3-4 husbands contact me every week.

They want their wives back.

They fell in love with the woman you were, and they understand that you're going through a life change, and are supportive of you totally, but think that you just haven't found the right answers, since you're miserable in your menopause & weight gain.

I get it.

When I started to get fat, tired, & miserable, I had a boyfriend. And he still thought I was gorgeous, loved my body, but hated me being so bitchy about my misery.

I couldn't help it. I hated being fat. When my clients came to me, they would say, "I want to look like you." Nothing could be more flattering or satisfying to me.

I'm selling my image, so if you like it, whew! That helps me a lot.

I had a dream to be paid for being myself and I've succeeded.

This menopause misery happened to me, incrementally, weight gain, extraordinary exhaustion, and I have no doubt that a thyroid condition was being created had I not in taken drastic measures and changed my menu.

I was eating for my hormones to be out of sync, and to work overtime, and shut down.

Your husband misses you being fun, and having fun with you, and he misses his best friend.

These are the words they say to me.

You took a vow. You owe him your best self.

So please let me help you find the gal you used to be when you were trying to be his girlfriend.

The one that was confident, sexy, spontaneous, and up for almost anything.

To find out about my menopause game plan program, go to right now.



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