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Menopause Is Driving Your Anger. Fix It!

Mar 17, 2017

I mentor women on how to get through menopause all naturally, without HRT, Bio's, or anti-depressants. Your health is your wealth so you'd better have a plan.

Today on the menopause page...


The ladies interpret my words in posts, in text, as being "curt", because I speak directly. The blast me in posts, but when other people say the same thing as I do, it's ok with them.

There is no other way to speak about the truth.

If you don't like that, you're afraid of the truth.

I'm saving women's lives.

I'm changing women's lives.

This is one of the best radio interviews I ever had because the ladies were open, and one interviewing is a successful client.

I'm living five years of what I teach.

I look and feel amazing and my health reflects that.

My confidence is a 1000%.

So would you rather keep looking for answers or would you rather change your health in your next meal?

Listen to this interview and listen to my story.

You might learn something....

You're not randomly ill.

Your meno symptoms are not because you are defective.

You ate your way there.

Listen to the truth. 


To get information on my menopause program, go to and listen to my informative video.

Change your life in your next meal.

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