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Q. What is State National?

A. State National is a recognized status in US Code Title 8 Section 1101 (a) (21) or (23) if naturalized. This status disconnects the individual from the 14th Amendment corporate citizen.

Q. Will I lose my Social Security benefits?

A. No. Social Security is a private annuity contract. You will still have the rights and benefits available to you.

If you’ve paid 40 quarters into social security you are still entitled to those earned benefits.

Q. Does changing your status affect receiving veteran disability benefits? 

A. No, you have earned those. Those will not change.

Q. Will I lose my Welfare benefits, if I change my status?

A. Government benefits, such as welfare will be affected as they are privileges given to US citizens. Private groups such as churches can help whomever they want.

Q. Can I still get public assistance if I do this process? 

A. If it is government subsidized, then no.

Q. As a State National, do I separate myself from the entire system?

A. No. We are not removing ourselves from the three juris but instead are taking dominion over them by leaving nothing to adjudicate using their own system.

Q. Can I change my status if I am a naturalized citizen?

A. Yes. It’s a different process though.

Q. Can I change my status if I hold a green card?

A. We do not have a proven process for you at this time.

Q. Why do I need to do this process when NESARA/GESARA will be implemented soon and President Trump is coming back?

A. You can only predict what YOU do and can be in charge of your own future. President Trump has done all he can to dismantle the administrative state. The knowledge and education you will gain from this experience is invaluable to our moving forward as a nation. 

Q. What is the AOR?

A. The AOR is the Affidavit of Truth and Assertory Oath, Repudiation and Revocation of Citizenship document, shortened to Affidavit of Repudiation. It is the first step of the Level 1 process to freedom to let the US State Department that you are no longer one of their citizen/subjects and unpaid employees.

Q: What exactly does the AOR say?

A: The AOR is a small compilation of violations that our present corporation government has infringed on us without We the People's knowledge or approval. It doesn't say that you will give up anything or that you own anything, it notifies them that you are aware of their misdeeds.

Q. I see the word “renounce” in the AOR. I thought we are specifically NOT renouncing. Please clarify.

A. We do not renounce the Constitutional United States as one of We the People we were born into. We renounce the Corporation 14th Amendment “citizen” – de facto UNITED STATES (28 USC 3002(15). Note the language in the A0R – “...renounce... CITIZENSHIP status with the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT...” The all-caps text is the 14th Amendment corporate citizen.

Q: What is the difference between Level 1 and Level  2  State National Classes?

A. Level 1 is the beginning steps to correcting your status called your Freedom Package. These are the things you do first, and are in a very specific order of process. Getting your passport proves to law enforcement and such that in fact you did change your status after notifying and recording all needed documents.

Level 2 is after status correction. The documents prepared during this stage take dominion over all three jurisdictions; land, air and water. Superior titles to land and your property, such as the form 56 and W8BEN, and authentication of your birth certificate, etc are covered during this phase.

Level 3 is to prepare you for a private meeting with a probate judge to request that you become the co-trustee and co-beneficiary of your Cestui Que trust created by your birth certificate.

Q. Is there a specific order to complete the Level 2 documents or does it depend on the individual's circumstance? 

A. Individual circumstances of what’s important to them.

Q. I need help now and cannot wait to go through this process. Is there anyone who can help me?

A. I promise this group wants to help you correct your status properly and get on the road to learning standing as a living soul and (wo)man.  What our group can’t do is haphazardly rush the method to tailor your situation and timeline with a few parts of the process. That is how people get themselves in big trouble.  You are signing affidavits which mean that you have to know what the documents say and that these words and concepts are in your heart.

Q: I am free and have my passport. How do I access my Trust?

A: You don't get access. Later in the process you can gain control of the trust. The trust is not something that you can use on a shopping spree down at the local store. You first have to go through the process of learning and completing the security of your castle. You can't act like a KING/QUEEN until your castle is secured and you can defend it. Then and only then are you really FREE.

Q: How do I know there is really a trust? Lawyers laugh at me.

A: Ask them, then why did Columbia Law School write an entire paper about it. CLICK HERE TO SEE.

Q. Does becoming an American State National take away your right to vote in any election, federal or state?

A. State Nationals do not vote. We elect. In the process after you have your passport, you will learn how to change your voter registration to an elector. Electors’ choices count as 4 corporate citizen votes.

Things you will NOT lose as an ASN:

-anything you and/or your employer(s) have paid into such as: -401(k)

-Social Security Retirement/Disability (FICA)


-VA Benefits

-Private retirement/annuities


Benefits (14th Amendment Citizen) you WILL lose as an ASN:

 -Supplemental Security Income (SSI)



-Section 8


-Obama phone

-Internet/utility assistance

Social Security is an annuity that you earned by your work/effort. 


So for those receiving or applying for Social Security benefits you earned these benefits and have the right to them.  Social Security Disability is also earned and you have a right to that if you qualify for disabled benefits. 


Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is not an earned benefit. 

You will not be able to receive it as an American State National.  


Medicare is an earned benefit and you are entitled to it. 

Medicaid is not an earned benefit. 

You will not be able to receive it as an American State National in most cases. 


Be careful not to confuse Medicare with Medicaid. 


As an American State National the Medi-Care is for you.  

The Medi-caid is not. 


If you are low income and are actually receiving a combination of SSDI, SSI, Medicare and Medicaid it is most likely that you will lose SSI and Medicaid if you repudiate your citizenship. 


So you would have to have a plan for this transition.

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