But Still Struggling, Starving, And Psychotic?
Make sure your sound is on! 
You don't want to miss this!
Make sure your sound is on! You don't want to miss this!
A "Fix At The Root Cause" Approach To Menopause.
I'm 52 And Seven Years Post Menopause!!!!
If This Sounds Like You...
I Want to PERSONALLY Work With You To Help You INTERCEPT Menopause Taking Over Your Life.

Get Your Health Back, Get Rockstar Confidence, & Change Your Life In The Next 90 Days With My Help!
A "Fix At The Root Cause" 
Approach To Menopause.

I'm 52 And Seven 
Years Post Menopause.
But Still Struggling, Starving, 
And Psychotic?
It’s Time To Transform Into The Woman 
You've Always Wanted To Be .
You Can Start Changing 
Your Body
In Your Very Next Meal!
Join my tribe and get access to my exclusive 
"Freebie Library"
of resources so you can get 
my blueprint to success!
What Is Being Fat, Sick, & Tired Costing You?
What Is Being Fat, Sick, & Tired Costing You?
Without your health, everything is at risk.
You income, family, marriage, 
career, & happiness.
"Is it  menopause? 
Maybe, maybe not, 
but menopause  is a 
normal, natural stage of life, 
through which women have 
been passing without the 
aid of doctors and pharmaceutical companies for 
at least 4 million years."
"Is it  menopause? 
Maybe, maybe not, but menopause  is a 
normal, natural stage of life, through which women have 
been passing without theaid of doctors and pharmaceutical 
companies for at least 4 million years."
It's not your fault. It's your hormones!
I created the 
repair manual!
It's not your fault. It's your hormones!
I created the repair manual!
There's A Reason Your Periods Are Crazy, Your Libido Has Checked Out,
 And Your Mood Swings Could Get You Diagnosed With A Personality Disorder. LOL
"40 Pounds Bye Bye!"
No longer fat, sick, tired, or angry.
No longer fat, sick, tired, or angry.
"I Will Show You How To Implement...
"I Will Show You How To Implement...
My Three Simple Secrets To Build A Sexy, 
Hormonally Balanced Body, 
So You Can Lose Fat, Have Rockstar Energy, 
& Skip Menopause Misery!"
My hormone hacks got me from a size 12 to a 6 when I was 45 years old, without dieting, counting calories, or suffering DURING perimenopause.
I'm 52 now, have kept the weight off, & my labs tests are flawless!
Because you’re reading this, I’m assuming you are READY to destroy the fat & misery that is holding you back and take massive action in the direction of your wildest dreams? 
It’s time to gain the clarity and the confidence you need to charge through life as if you're sexy & fabulousness is already inevitable. Because it is!
You were put on this planet to live an amazing life, to inspire others, and to do what most fulfills you. 
There is so much more out there for you and you’ve just barely scratched the surface! 
Get ready to have the time of your life and gather all the tools, strategies, and techniques to radically change your body & health, and raise up your life more than you ever dreamed of.
 Your Limiting Beliefs And Transform Into A Beautiful Sexy And Fabulous Woman?
What would new confidence
mean in your life?
What would new confidence mean in your life?
  • More income?
  • ​A new job, more clients, or better career?
  • ​An improved love life?
  • ​Stop being invisible?
  • ​Get you out of the house and into the world again.
  • ​ Make you feel so happy!
I'm The ONLY Woman Helping Women
Excel Before, During, & After Menopause.
Go From Fat & Frumpy To
At 52 years old, I’m in the best shape and health of my life and I show other women how they can do it too.  
I do this by showing them how to eat for their menopausal hormones changes.
When I was 40, I was pretty happy with how I looked, but by the time I was almost 42, I was so tired I could barely get out of bed, and I had put on 40 ugly, debilitating pounds. 
I saw many doctors to figure out what was going on and every one of them had different answers which means they had no answers.
My parents were both obese and my father had Type 2 diabetes, two liver transplants, and kidney failure, and I had anxiety that I was heading down the same path and there was nothing I could do about it. 
I was so afraid to gain another pound. 
Every single day my mind was worried about this because obviously, I had to eat. What the hell was I supposed to eat to keep from getting even fatter?
I had no one else who could or would take care of me financially so I absolutely had to figure out how to turn this around. 
My life and income depended on it. I was trapped into a corner and I felt scared and alone.
Finally when I was 45, a woman came into my life and in the most random conversation, she spoke to me about eating in a way that made my liver & hormones work optimally. 
I had never heard these ideas before, before but she said it would get the weight off me and give me my energy back. 
That same day I threw away the food I had in my refrigerator that she told me to, and bought the delicious foods she told me to eat.
In a week a I lost 7 pounds, and in two weeks I cleared chronic acne I had for nine years. 
I was hooked and felt so amazing!! 
I had so much energy I actually wanted to go for long walks. 
OMG for the first time in four years I had hope that my future was going to be ok! 
I was led down a road that would ensconce me into studying physiology, hormones, menopause, gut health, and food for the next 10 years and write two books, and I put it all together in an easy, online delivery system for you.
Prevention is the new model. 
I'll show you my exact blueprint.
I want every woman to feel as amazing as I do and have the confidence that I do, 
and feel that she is in control of her future and income and that she'll be more than capable of taking care of herself into her old age.
Dive into the world of all things I am an expert about!
My "Sexy And Fabulous Life" podcast is one of the best ways to access my most valuable free content! while you’re driving, working out, or enjoying your morning cup of coffee. 
  • While Driving!
  • ​Working Out!
  • ​Enjoying Morning Tea!
Press Play To Hear How 
I Came To Be An Expert!
Press Play To Hear How I Came To Be An Expert!
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To Kickstart Your Journey
In my programs, like "The Sexy And Fabulous Academy" or "90 Days To A New You Coaching Program", you will learn how to maximize your most underutilized tool — your mind — and achieve what you once thought was impossible. 

No matter where you’re starting or what you want to focus on today, there is a program, course, or book that was designed especially for you.
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