"I'm a fabulous TV & radio guest and event speaker!"
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I'm a fabulous Radio and TV guest!
Hire Me As Your:
  • Keynote Speaker
  • ​Event Emcee or Host
  • ​Event Spokesperson
  • ​Professional Moderator
  • ​Social Media or On-Site Camera Host
My zone of genius comes from my own personal experience because I teach what I conquered. 

I find that many women can't even conceive that they can really truly lose weight and transform their lives.
I'm fabulously media experienced!
  • Former Sirius Radio personality on The Jay Thomas Show 
  •  Host of my own podcast
  •  Patricia Stark Communications, NYC
  •  Media Masters Inc, NYC
  •  Selena Soo Publicity
  •  The Television News Center, DC
I'd Love To Speak To Your Group.
The first time I spoke to a group of women was in a family hair salon.

As soon as I started speaking about what doctors don't know, and what doctor's don't tell you, every woman in the place sat up in her chair to listen.

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Ready To Start Transforming
Your Epic Life Right Now?
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For Seven Days For $7!