Introducing "The Miceli Menopause Method" Ending Your Misery All Naturally!

My Menopause Weight Loss Master Class

When you know how the body works, you'll agree that HRT & BHRT is the biggest fraud perpetrated on American Women in the past 80 years.

You are not medically defective. You need a new menu. I call it MENU-PAUSE!

You most likely just need to turn up the dial on your vitamins & minerals so that your pathology and metabolic processes work optimally.

I researched every menopause symptom to the root cause which is not the lowering of estrogen & progesterone.

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At 53 years old, I am known as a disruptor and thought-leader to 1000's of gorgeous women across the globe.

I am the host of the Sexy & Fabulous Lifestyle 5-star rated podcast. 

I’m also the author of these three books that fully explain menopause misery and what's causing It, that doctors will NEVER tell you.

Which is why I created "The Menopause Weight Loss Master Class".

I'm a certified holistic detoxing health specialist, and a metabolic genius.

What is now a world class consulting empire, with clients in South Africa, Jordan, Canada, & the UK, began as a Facebook group that I created in early 2014 to inspire and empower other women to embrace a med free menopause.

How did I even end up in this unusual consulting career? I got fat, sick, and tired!