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Book Updates!

Freedom Friday!!

Hello to all that have purchased my book and/or visited my website

Becooming a state National has been my entire world for about two years now. For the first year I was watching online, deciding, "Is this for real???"

I had my first traffic ticket victory. Wow! Then my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Yes I speed. I'm safe and I go as fast as is safe.

I took my first online class and began the paperwork. I was sold and wanted to learn more. I took the class again the next month. Then I made some state National friends from TikTok, and the 3rd month, I attended the Utah class, and met David and Bonnie in person. I was hooked!

Then I spent the summer of 2022 attending Bobby Lawrence classes. Fire!! Then Bobby took time off and I went back to David classes. I feel so much happier going to the monthly classes, checking in with the community, so I don't feel alone, because if there's going to be a state National community in Las Vegas where I live, it's going to have to be started by ME.

I had no idea that my book was going to be posted on David's telegram channel and my phone started blowing up with traffic and book purchases, so my home inventory of books was gone in the first hour.

I immediately place and order for more books and I will have them in my hands by March 24th and they will be shipped out as soon as I can put them in envelopes which should be in 24 hours as I've already lined up an assistant.

So please be patient and thank you for joining the state National movement. There is no turning back to restore the country. We are 21 million strong at this point.

I will be attending Bobby's level three class in Gettysburg PA, and Davids Keene TX class this month and will update you with the latest news and I share my journey to claiming my trust.

There is nothing more important in my world than this movement and helping others. This is my full time life. I've got the book, the membership, and the weekly show on Rumble on the America Happens Network. We've got awesome shows there all about freedom with great thought leaders.

You will see that it's very difficult do to this alone and that's why I created community so that you can get the exact details of each task necessary to remove yourself from the corporate government and truly live "in the private".

My last question for you is this...Do you want to become a state National and rescind all your government contracts as fast as possible so that you can truly be living as a free sovereign living man or woman?

Then join now. I offer a free three-day trial to see what it's like. It's kind of like a Facebook group but better. It's extremely organized into three levels and takes you step by step through all the processes David and Bobby direct us to do. It's been simplified so that everyone can reach the finishe line. Bring us your questions and get answers immediately right to your phone. I go live on Zoom four times a week. What could be better for your state National education!

Join today, and spend the weekend watching classes for free, or reading the book, or printing out the Freedom Map, and start checking items off the list of tasks you need to complete to be a true state National. Join us Mondays and Thursdays for our live Zoom classes to get your questions answered.

This is the inside of State National University.

My blogs are taken from chapters in the book to showcase what you can learn in the book.

Every word of this website has been approved by David Straight to feature his teachings.

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