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Father's Day Freedom Lesson

The best gift my father EVER gave me and you can give to your a full understanding of responsibility and freedom. Check this story out.

"If you want to drive the car, you have to bring it home with a full tank of gas and contribute to the insurance."- My Dad

Hmmmm, how am I going to do that at age 14?

I got a job as a busgirl at the Beverly Woods senior citizen buffet (where my grandma hung out)

Yes my father, a Chicago Police Officer, let us drive at 14 years old, alone in the car, even on the weekend nights with our friends, as long as we never came home with booze or drugs in our bodies.

While most of you will be gasping and appalled, that my CPD father did something "illegal"...... It's not illegal nor unlawful to let your minor child drive your car without a license.

The only requirement is your trust in their ability to do so and give them permission.

Yes insurance covers the car in these circumstances.

There is no law that one has to ask the state for permission to ENGAGE (words chosen carefully) your private property.

A driver's license is ONLY required when one OPERATES (a word meaning performing a task, as in commerce) a motor vehicle in commerce. The administrative government, as they all are, can only regulate commerce, never private activities.

The DMV/DOT of your state is a private for profit administrative corporation and as per the Clearfield Doctrine SCOTUS ruling, requires a contract to do business with you.

But Gianna, how are they doing "business" with me?

Um they charge you for "services" don't they?

That license ain't free nor are the plates.

What is a motor vehicle?

As per their own definition, it's a conveyance that is registered, and operates in commerce.

What is commerce:

“Commerce” means trade, traffic, and transportation of goods and people."

I don't do that...ever.

When you purchase an AUTOMOBILE, it's your private property.

When you "register" (donate) it to the state, you created the "motor vehicle" through a mechanism of fraud perpetrated by that agency.

My automobile is held in private trust, no state plate, no registration with the state as that only donates it to the state to be taxed via the plate....."mechanism", oh and I paid ZERO in taxes when I purchased it, because it's a household consumer good.


I drive my car lawfully as I have a right to says the SCOTUS.

Legal is only what you agree to.

I don't agree to the unilateral adhesion contract known as the DMV/DOT.

How do you know it's a contract?

You sign it don't you?

You also smiled for the camera and gave all your personal info for that privilege.

They'll never tell you that you waived your right to travel freely by signing it.

But your rights are INALIENABLE, so their MECHANISMS to circumvent them using fraud cannot apply, once you wake up and stand up.

So we want to see the roads filled with private individually designed plates such as ours, all over the road as a political statement, that you are free beings and no longer obey the government that you, the people, created.



Follow me to freedom!


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