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How Is Our Government Really Funded

The Public Charitable Trust Act of 1882 created The Public Charitable Trust.

Each individual trust that everyone has through their birth certificate registration is managed by the state.

There are birth certificates, and certificates of live birth and they are not the same thing. On your certificate of live birth, it's on bond paper. When I got mine, I was blown away. Even though I’d never had my hands on a bond paper, I just knew this was one. The paper, the raised seal, the CUSIP number which is an investment control number that's regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. It was created four days after my birth. What else could this be?

If you were born between 1933 and 1975, you are bonded for $630,000 and insured for $1 million. If you were born after 1975, you were bonded for $1 million and insured for $2 million.

My vessel was born on March 16th, but my vessel was registered on March 20th. So for four days, I was a state national baby.

I was a free independent girl of “We the People” for that long. And then I got registered and I became a “US citizen, a person, and resident” and I lost all my diplomatic immunity. As did you if your parents signed the birth certificate in the hospital.

I became a servant and a slave of the corporate government, subject to school indoctrination, licensing requirements, and having to ask permission to live.

In 2022, I corrected my status, and became an American State National again. It's simply a paperwork process and it's easy.

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