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Proof That David Straight Is A Fraud & Con As Is Bobby Lawrence Part One

Play The Video To Hear David Straight's Own Words On December 18th, About Getting A Christmas Cash Squeeze Out Of The Idiots....His Followers. Then He Launched His Latest Money Grift On December 20th, 2023, The Bonnie Prayers While Entertaining His Girlfriend Maranda On The Outside.

Give it a minute to load! It's a lot!

Why do I write this? Because as of now, four families have lost their homes to foreclosure by following David Straight's insane way of trying to pay off your mortgage with your birth certificate.

Hey Bobby did you know your partner in crime says you're an idiot?? This is dated two days after the David Straight audio. Did you kiss and make up so you can keep the seminar grift going?

This recording was made while David Straight was a guest in the home of a couple of means, who unfortunately worshipped David. The couple left David alone in their home in Arkansas and David lured a woman to the home promising to "do her paperwork" but only tried to get her into bed, so SHE recorded him during this phone call and distributed it.

And the couple heard the call and STILL believed in David! Until they found out.

Why is David Straight on the run from a warrant in Texas? Because he was pulled over for speeding while driving in a rental car, so he foolishly thought he was driving in commerce, I have to laugh, so HE GAVE THE OFFICER a driver's licence!

Oh Mr. Bigshot, right to travel, has a Driver's License! Yet he didn't even rescind the ticket like he teaches. Had no concept that he was NOT in commerce. How does being in a rented care put one in commerce? I have to laugh!! I have nine traffic ticket victories rescinding citations, which means I have more courage than David Straight.

When Grifters Come Across Someone SMART Enough To

Recognize The Grift, They Have To Get Rid Of Them!!

My Hand On A Bible, This Is The Truth, The Whole Truth,

And Nothing But They Truth So Help Me God.

Before you begin reading this masterpiece I created, this screenshot was sent to me the night after this article posted. When you see the venom that was thrown at me by Katie in this text message, you will understand and believe all that I've experienced and written here.

Sorry about the extreme foul language but this is who Sherry Katie Noeller is. THIS represents David Lester Straight. There is so much deep psychological projection from her life being dumped by her husband after birthing four children and not being able to finance her life without clinging to David Straight's cons.

Since unrebutted accusations are presumed to be true in the law, I've never had abortions and this statement by Katie is beyond laughable that her drunken mind has to search so deep for the most vile accusations just to make up reasons as to why she didn't like me.

I simply saw the need to make the state natioanal classes into a book and in Katie's mind, my popularity became a threat.

Since July of 2023, my name has been trashed in the ASN community that I spent 18 months being a part of. I have never made this public statement yet because I had to take a step back and figure out what was true and what was not true.

I had tremendous success standing up for my rights, as I have ten victories challenging jurisdiction and I learned a tremendous amount of information that is REAL.

But I've also learned the ASN community was a con. When I realized deceptive and destructive activity was happening, and spoke up about it, I got shunned and trashed and had to sort through who had integrity and who did not. It wasn't hard to see.

Not a single one of my friendships with a leader from the community survived. They're all on the Telegram Plantation under their slave masters Bobby Lawrence and David Straight.

But I have plenty of allies. Allies are better than the fake Christian scam leaders.

I was doing a weekly show called State National University on Rumble to educate the masses as media is what I love and would do for free. I had to stop my show and now I have to get my shows removed from the Internet. I cannot be a part of DISINFORMATION.

My word is gold. My reputation is stellar among normal people. Of coure the demons want to take out the angels. It hurts their bottom line.

In this post, I bring to light every single dishonrable person who transgressed upon me from the state national community.

You may have seen what Katie aka Butterfly Mama has posted on the David Lester Straight Telegram in which I refer to her as the nastiest word one can call a woman, but that's because you will see that she is the nastiest, lying fake Christian piece of shit human being one could ever encounter.

Additionally, you may be from the fly-over states, or small towns, or from the south, and you may never speak these words I used to refer to Katie in my rebuttals to her vile letters to me, but I am from the south side of Chicago and New York City, and we speak differently when defending ourselves. That does not make me NOT a Christian person of honor.

We just communicate differently LOL.

Words are only words, but actions are destructive. Katie tried to destroy all that I've built all on my own and I wasn't going to stand for it while she rides the coattails of the David Straight CON.

The first tenent of a sovereign is: "Love thy neighbor, do no harm."

Katie's actions were so despicably dishonorable and she is the gatekeeper of David Straight's business/con empire.

This is the story of the events that happened to me.

This woman is Sherry Kathleen Noeller, aka "Katie".

She created a David Lester Straight Telegram channel before she ever met David Straight. That is unfathomable to me, to create social media accounts of another person. It's weird and now we know why. She's a grifter and can't get hired for a job or create a business of value that would generate a customer.

She eventually met him at a seminar and made herself known to him as one of the people who impersonates him online. For David, he liked her, and she works for free.

For David, she took work that needed to be done off his plate. He is a user.

He helped her deal with a CPS issue and as another student asked David to help him with his AOR, David literally put Katie in front of the man and said she would do it. She whispered to David, "How much should I charge him?" David replied, "$150." That's the story she told me the first day I met her in Utah.

And AORHELP.COM was birthed. Katie would then be placed into the David Straight seminars and supply the AOR and Freedom Bundle paperwork for the students at a cost of $150-$400 per person.

She also owns ASNClothing and StraightEvents. None of them are run by David Straight. Katie owns and runs them all and David, despite not really knowing what she does and is fine with her lack of character and honor representing him.

She became DLS's right hand gal and soooo much more.

What happens when a White Knight enters a woman's life and fixes all her problems? We can only speculate. They are thick as thieves and completely devoted to each other.

This screenshot is from a blog posted and it's quite credible because when I was in the DLS chat and her General Fully Loaded chat, she was posting daily about being at this McConnell's home taking care of him, a man she had never met in person, and of being in"love" with a man named Timothy...whom she had never met but was communicating with via text.

It was an extremely odd posting and I don't know the whole story. I read this blog where Timothy explains what she was doing to him. This comes up when you Google her name.

He wrote about her sending this video to him from which he took the screen shots. The white box apparanetly covers up boobies. LOL She was trying to seduce him.

So that was towards the end.

Let's go to the beginning.

My ascent to becoming a leader in the freedom community was very organic. In 2020, I moved from NYC to West Palm Beach Florida because there was no way I was going to stay in a state as communistically closed as New York became at the onset of the fake pandemic. I have the luxury to pick up on a whim. I've already been working on line since 2014.

As soon as the words "15 days to stop the spread" and "wear your mask" were introduced into the Lexicon, I was on the phone, "I need a Pod!!", and I packed up my furniture and moved on April 19th of 2020.

While I was researching why the entire world fell for this fake pandemic, I came across a gal who was teaching about the "true law" and that was interesting. She lived in Jacksonville FL, and I knew nobody in Florida, so I contacted her and asked if she wanted to grab dinner since we were the same age, had little dogs, and an interest in freedom.

We became friends.

Fourteen months later, I returned to live in Las Vegas, and on the drive I received a speeding ticket in Mississippi. I had already been challenging them and winning since 2006, but I knew Jennifer knew something even better than I was already doing, so I hit her up and she sent me a David Straight video about how to rescind a traffic ticket.

So I did what he said. I rescinded the ticket and challenged jurisdiction. I got pushback from the clerk, and another freedom kid I knew, schooled me on how to respond. It took two more letters to the clerk, but finally I shut her down due to lack of jurisdiction. Wow. Fun!

I watched the David Straight Out of Babylon series on Rumble, as we all did, and decided I wanted to "do this". This....David Straight process thing, but how? I signed up for an online class and the instructions they give you at the end were very complicated, mediocre, and the telegram group they told us to join was contentious and rude.

(Notice that David Straight claims he's been teaching "this" for 35 years, but only has videos beginning in 2020)

Since they had no idea how to present a clear and concise presentation on how to execute the "Freedom Bundle & Map" and they tossed me from the group for asking questions they didn't like, I decided to figure it out myself and help people get it done.

State National University was born on July 15th, 2022; My membership to teach people how to be free.

My third DLS class was live and in person in Utah, since I had made friends with the class host on TikTok I took the five hour drive up there. I had no idea I would dine with David and Bonnie Straight. It was a class of only 25, so we had a lot of time together and ate every meal together.

On the first night of that seminar weekend, six of us, not including David and Bonnie, went to a nice lounge and had tons of fun getting to know each other. It's a very special experience to be among like minded freedom thinking people.

On the 2nd night of the seminar, four of us ended up going to a bar after the family meal and it was myself and Katie with two of the male vendors. Katie got so drunk this evening, that she shared with three complete strangers, how as a young woman in her 20's, she worked as a prostitute to pay for her heroin habit. Mic drop moment. But ok. She seemed like she landed on her feet. She's a divorced mother of four and the right hand gal of the famous David Straight, leader of the State National community.

Sidebar: David Straight accuses others of "womanizing", when it's actually him who is the womanizer. Ask him where he slept when he did 16 seminars in Utah. Hint: Jodi.

Until you get inside this clique and see what's really going on.

I spent four months loading up the curriculum of State National University while continuing to attend every single class, and launched with my first member on November 26th, 2022. I was on my way to helping others be free!

So how did I get inside the David Lester Straight State National community?

I was so interested in learning as much as possible, and I had that traffic citation victory, I was all in on becoming an ASN and helping others. I attended literally every single class. By June I started attending Bobbby Lawrence's classes, who had been mentored by David Straight.

I was ready for the "Level Two" classes as I began building State National University with the knowledge I was obtaining. I was so excited to have this amazing purpose in my life, it became my entire life seven days a week.

I type really fast for no reason that can be explained.

In fact I type so fast that I can basically transcribe David Straight as he speaks, and people observed me typing so fast in the classes that they asked if they could purchase my notes. It made me laugh. I had already self published nine books about health for women over 40, so I decided that making my notes into a book would be a great contribution to the community, since people struggled to scribble the notes, fall behind, and really didn't get 100% learning out of the class.

So I designed my book, "Free-Dumb; The Patriot's Playbook To Restoring Your Rights And Freedom". I sent a copy to David and Bonnie in December of 2022. By the Oklahoma event in January 2023, I approached David to see if he received it and if it was ok with him for me to sell it. He said yes, but asked me to edit it more, as he had spotted a few typos, so I did that and I sent him my new and improved copy.

Then David Straight phoned me and invited me to sell it at the Johnson County seminar and so it began. I became a vendor at state national seminars and was on the circuit.

My notes were so awesome that if you attended the class, you could simply pay attention 100% and not worry about taking notes if you bought my book.

If you can't attend a live event and you purchase my book, you've attended a live three day class, since my notes are basically verbatim, but in proper English sentences and not David Straight speak.

It was at the Oklahoma event that Katie had asked me what I was up to, and I showed her my book sample. She was excited to have it available and said she would promote it on the DLS channel on one condition: That AORHelp would be in the book and also promoted.

Done. Who would turn down that deal?

This became the last page of my book.

I had asked Katie what her process was for providing AOR's to people, and it was very remedial, as far as efficiency. I offered to show her how to automate, since I am an automation queen, and she said she was already putting that together. Ok. We'll see. It never happened. Katie does not have the knowledge about such matters.

I on the other hand, have already been in an online business for a decade and have easily spent over $100,000 to learn the online marketing space. They can't compete. None of them. I also spent a decade living in New York City and it is what it is. I've simply been exposed to more advanced online information than any person in the state national community.

When I attended the Oklahoma event, I had not seen Katie since the Utah event, and her first words to me were, "Where did you get that slammin' body?!"

I had put bracees on my teeth and couldn't eat and lost 15 pounds, but I also hired a trainer because being fit over 50 is important to me. The only things Katie and I have ever discussed, was this book, my book sales, and she wanted my secrets to losing weight.

I had no idea who I was really getting into business with. Katie only promoted me twice in the Telegram channel, in March of 2023, for my appearance at the Johnson County event, and never again. Not once.

At the Johnson County event and with only two posts by Katie, I sold 400 books in March of 2023. On my downtime at the event, I was stuffing envelopes to get these books mailed.

I had a royalty deal with David Straight, that he was to get $10 a book. Katie would make anywhere from $150-$400 for her contribution to creating people's "Freedom Bundles" per person and there were a lot. Katie made thousands from being in my book. She could have made way more, but the ugliness of her counting my books and thus my shekels, stacked to be mailed inflamed her perception and jealousy of me making more money than she did, was more powerful than the need for her and David to make income from me, until they needed MY money.

Katie was always trying to gauge my sales figures.

I never assumed I would be invited to sell my book at future seminars. I always waited for the invitation and they came. I was invited to sell my book at Bobby Lawrence and other teacher's seminars too. It became my life. I traveled to towns and states I had never visited before.

When books are ordered for print, the turn around time was 2-3 weeks. It was never a definite, especially at that time there were supply chain issues due to Covid. Once I placed an order, which I paid for personally, I took all the financial risk. An order cannot be canceled once it's been placed. The orders were thousands of dollars.

It Became Known To Me That Katie Was Stealing People's Money.

After a few months of vending, and of Katie's AORHelp being featured on the last page of my book, and of people joining my University, at least a dozen people had contacted me about paying AORHelp but never ever receiving a response nor service of what they paid for.

People don't know who Katie is unless they attend a live seminar, since she's not on her websites. People think David Straight owns the sites. I don't know how he's ok with her giving him a tarnished reputation but he is. He's well aware of Katie's behavior.

Since Katie was not honoring the deal we made, that she was to promote me in the channel, and I was getting horrible reports about her lack of honor, her lack of responding to people, and by this time, I realized I was dealing with a very immature and unprofessional person with alchohol problems I personally observed, I simply tolerated her.

Until I could no longer tolerate her.

I removed a link to her website from my website home page, but I had other ASN friends websites on my page. I had ordered a large order of books and when those were sold out, I was going to remove AORHelp from the new print of books. I simply could not in good conscience promote this person of dishonor who basically stole people's money.

By early April, Bonnie and David Straight were both arrested, and this was the beginning of the implosion of the State National community, if you ask me.

By the Muskegan event in April of 2023, I heard David Straight tell a lie, that really made me go....HMMMMMMMMM.

David Staight's First Questionable Story....

He personally told me the story of how he went home and grabbed $10K to bail Bonnie out of jail on a phone call with me. But when he told the story to the seminar, that figure became $50K. I think one would remember accurately whether they grabbed one brick of money vs five bricks.

This was the first event after Bonnie Straight was incarcerated. It was very somber. David spoke about how great Katie was at helping fill in for Bonnie, hence, she was very busy.

They had been promoting the availability of this "David Straight Binder PDF" for six months but nobody had ever taken the time to make it for sale but it was mentioned often that it would be soon.

So I approached David, and said, "I have an offer you can't refuse. I'll go to Dallas a few days early (for the 1776 event) and I'll come to the office and spend two days scanning the book (of 555 pages) and make the PDF ready for sale for 1776."

He simply stared at me but gave no response. I was face to face with him. By now, I had been to easily a dozen classes and sold books at 6-7 events, we are business partners, he knows who the fuck I am, and he sat there with a dead face not responding to my fabulous offer.

It was weird, and I don't do weird.

So I said, "Well you can think about it," and I walked away. And in that moment in time, I knew who David Straight was. A user and a loser.

I immediately messaged Katie on Telegram telling her of my OFFER TO HELP.  She said she would take care of it. I knew no such thing would happen but there was nothing I could do to expedite the creation of this binder of evidence that I wanted so that I could also teach, as they encouraged us to do.

Katie made up this grand story that she posted in her private chat, that as per my offer to David to create the PDF, she and the other sister wives, I mean ladies, (LOL) got together and decided that it would not be a good idea for GIANNA to be at the office ALONE with David without Bonnie being there. I have to laugh. She will lie until she dies. The screenshot there proves her lies.

At this time David Straight was also pushing this grand theory that the USA was going to have a gigantic meteor fall into the Atlantic ocean and put most of the land underwater so you had to be 2000 feet above sea level to survive. He was pushing us to "claim our minor estates" by November 4th so that we could use the money to rebuild the cities. I kid you not.

Enter Michelle the lunatic.

Another odd thing happened at this Muskegan event was with Michelle, the wife of Dr. Buzz who sells jewelery at David's events. She took on the role of the mama bear in the absence of Bonnie Straight meaning the set up of the event, and organizing the volunteers.

I personally heard her be so rude to two adult women who were volunteers who showed up at 8:15 am. Michelle screamed at them that they were supposed to be there at 8 am. They replied that Katie told them to be there at 8:15. Who speaks to volunteers like that???

Women know when other women don't like them. We feel the vibe. And Michelle has good reason to not like me! How dare I help her husband and her business and spend $300 with her! LOL

I purchased one of their bracelets at the Canadian Texas event, and it was too big. I called Dr. Buzz to get a smaller one. He said he would be in Vegas in November for the anti-aging conference and asked me to wait until then. No problem. I put it back in the box and waited.

The time came where Buzz was to be at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas and I live four blocks from the Venetian hotel where it's located. So I went to the event to exchange my bracelet.

Buzz was at a double sized booth totally alone with some boxes and I asked him if he needed help setting up. Buzz is a bit of a tough guy and it was my impression by the look on his face that he needed the help, but as a man, didn't really want to say.

He paused for a moment contemplating my offer to help. Basically we ARE strangers, but I am an ASN, and I'm in the community, and then asked me what kind of car do I have. Jeep Grand Cherokee. Is anything in it? No.

Would you mind driving me to my storage unit to pick some things up and then stop by two more places? No problem. I'M A NICE PERSON! I help people when possible.

He was pleased that I could chauffer him around and he was free to get things done on his phone. We spent five hours together setting up Buzz's booth being that I spent 12 years as a trade show model when I was young. I knew how to do it. Buzz needed the help. He never could have set up the displays on his own.

Buzz had to go to San Diego the next day, so he asked if I could pick up the bag of jewelery in the morning and bring it to the show. He had two employees showing up to work the show. I got a free ticket to the anti-aging show, so it was beneficial for me as well.

I picked up Buzz and the jewelery at 8 am and dropped him at the airport and I was also to find a man from Asia who had some items for Buzz and be sure to connect with him at the show. I was happy to help and I had a great time bopping around the show.

On the second day of the show, Buzz returned, but still needed me to drop off and pick up printing outside of the conention center, so basically I was a life saver for him. I never asked for compenstation but he slipped me $600 for the help.

I have no idea if his wife Michelle ever knew about my help but she sure made it known she was anti-Gianna. Back to Muskegan seminar....

At one moment when I was walking to toss some trash out, Buzz's wife Michelle approached me and said, "Gianna, don't you own any other clothes? I feel like I see you in the same thing all the time."

She very deliberatly walked over to me to speak these ill intentioned words. I had never had a single moment of discourse with Michelle. What the actual freak? LOL

I'm laughing as I type this. I do not answer to old lady Michelle and I took a photo of how Michelle dresses to show my friends as I told them of this story of how she questioned my fabulous outfit.

Imagine the hubris of this ugly hen thinking I had to answer to her about my wardrobe. Look at what she was wearing. As much as it killed me to remain cordial, I simply replied, "I wear the same thing every day in Vegas, and this is how I like to dress up."

This is a picture from the Muskegan event below. See how I'm not even in it? LOL My table is way off to the right, away from the other venders in the back. That's Michelle's booth on the right in back.

The only thing I owed the other vendors was to be cordial. We don't have to like each other. But they couldn't do that for me. Michelle never even said hello to me, nor did Marcella the useless thief who is in the photo above. I'll get to her later.

These two were dragging my vending table to be set at least 20 feet from the other tables at the Muskegan seminar, which never bothered me. See how the other tables were side by side, but my table was out in no man's land. I have no use for rude skanky jealous ugly hens.

My outfit was FABULOUS. I'm very fit. I had on a black tank top with my really cool one of kind bootcut jeans with famous tattoo patches on them and my sparkly crystal cowboy boots. I have a show on Rumble. People ask me to autograph my book for them. I am the face of my business. Nobody else who vends at these events puts their face on their sites. They are anonymous for good reason. Don't put your face on con websites! LOL

People know who I am and I dressed nicely for these events. That's my choice. Their ugly outfits are their choices.

David Straight and Katie wear the same clothes every seminar. I'm sure Michelle never said those words to them. Katie wears leggings and a men's t-shirt all the time. Who cares how other people dress? Apparently Michelle does. To speak those words to me, means that Michelle was bothered by my standing out from them. Too bad Michelle.

Beware The Fake "Christians".

Michelle is such a nasty woman, that she brought in lunch for the vendors since we can't leave at lunch, that's when people visit our tables... but didn't include me or the new vendors. It got to be so funny how she fed everyone...except me.

She would make a big salad and a big crockpot of soup but never asked me if I'd like some, or if they all contributed financially, she could have asked me if I wanted to participate. Oh the Christian women of this clan. LOL Michelle if you're reading this, once I stole a cup of soup from your big crockpot.

I had planned to fly home on Sunday night of the Muskegan event but Katie insisted that David wanted me at the family dinner on Sunday night. She INSISTED! Ok. I'll stay.

That required me changing my flight which cost $200, and another night in a hotel, so another $200. This was where my future was heading, and I enjoyed this new endeavor I was getting into. I love meeting the people and helping them.

After that converation with me, Katie sat next to Marcella at her booth, and Dave Wagoneer, the neighboring vendor, told me that he overheard Katie telling Marcella that I was coming to the dinner and Marcella said she was then not coming. So Dave asked Katie about it and Katie told him Marcella was just kidding.

Myself and two couples who were also the "new" vendors arrived first and took seats at the end of the 16 person family dinner table. When David Straight and the other vendors arrived, they sat at the other end of the table leaving empty seats between them and us, so this was by no means, a family dinner. We were on one side, only able to talk among ourselves, and the other vendors were on the other side. The other vendors, Katie, Spencer, Michelle, Tony, Elise, Amy, and David.

Zero bonding happened, and we had a big laugh about it.

David Straight, who gets a royalty from all these vendors except probably Katie, never even came over to say hello to us. Classless hillbilly.

I wanted to leave, as I had to keep my dog in the car during dinner, and I had been at this dinner two hours at this point. But I thought if I tell them I'm leaving, that Katie may give me a fake hug because she was being weird all weekend, which I despise, and who knows what David would do now that he's been weird, and the others hate me, and I just wanted to extraplolate myself from this table as easily as possible.

One of my friends said to just tell them I was going to check on the dog in the car and not return. Now I felt like I was in a freaking Seinfeld episode! LOL

I don't want to be deceitful, but I also needed to get out of the awkwardness of this bizarre non-family dinner table of two faced people who hate me. So that's what I did. I quickly ran out and said I'd be right back but I got in the car and went back to my hotel.

By delaying my Sunday night flight, I left the hotel at 8 am Monday morning, and arrived home in Las Vegas at midnight EST time. Acquiescing to Katie's request cost me an entire day of my life. Thanks for the $400 wasted Katie, and wasting my time.

By this time, all the strangeness is adding up and I'm assessing if these events are worth my time but I have books ordered and we're hanging on the promise of learning how to claim our minor esates!

We have 1776 coming up! 

I've been invited to sell books, so off I go to Dallas Texas!

As a vendor I was told there would be 1000 people attending 1776. Katie insisted I order 500 books. I ordered 400 books. I only sold 140 because only 600 people attended 1776. To me, that is a lie of omission and in great dishonor by the women who owned the event who also own the ASN Community website. I'll sell the books eventually, but I already had 100 books in my home for online orders. I certainly didn't need the problem of transporting 260 books back to Vegas.

Katie also did horribly at this event as there was a way better T-shirt vending booth there who totally sold out. Katie was hardly ever even at her t-shirt table so it's no wonder her sales were awful. How do I know? I asked! LOL Since she loved counting my shekels, I counted hers.

But it was at 1776 that the 2nd bomb dropped on the State National Community that contributed to it's implosion.

How do I know it's imploding?

Looking at their Telegram telemetrics. Here is the 2023 metrics of the Bobby Lawrence Telegram channel. It resembles a ski slope! LOL Two years ago he had 45,000+ followers.

Here is a year of the David Lester Straight telegram channel. Imploding since July. At peak a year ago they both had 45,000 subscribers.

I catch what I call the shrapnel of this community. People text message me all the time asking questions and regretting their purchase of David's thumb-drive and his stupid PDF book of useless information. They are very confused about what is real or not.

Bomb #2 For The David Straight Seminar Collapse.

A woman came to speak at 1776, who was unannounced and nobody knew who she was, but she dropped a bomb in her speech: That the David Straight state national paperwork could not be enforced. That it had no meaning. In the wake of ASN Chase Allen getting killed during a police stop in Utah for not knownig how to stand for his right to travel, she wanted to teach us Trust Enforcement. She had a process to claim your minor estate. We gravitated towards this new information.

So most of the community, including Bobby Lawrence and his plantation drifted over to this woman from 1776 and dug into her curriculum about Trust Enforcement.

One fun thing happened at 1776. Michelle the jealous hen saw me talking to her husband Buzz. I had on a really cute pink romper that was super short with my very high sparkly Las Vegas heels that I wore very purposefully just so Michelle could judge my outfit again. Michelle came over to us and zigzagged her finger up and down my body stating that "this", this outfit, she approved of. I ignored her. The insane hubris.

On Sunday her poor husband Buzz came over to me to APOLOGIZED FOR HIS WIFE'S DESPICABLE AND CONDESCENDING behavior. So I told him about what she said about my outfit in Muskegan. He told me that it was Bonnie Straight who riled up the hens back in Utah in regards to my shorts. Bonnie Straight made a mention of my shorts back in Utah referring to them as Daisy Dukes. Daisy Duke shorts are ones that are like denim underwear. I wear Fashion Nova denim shorts that are three sizes too large for me because I don't want to wear tight shorts.

My outfits sure beat the prison stipes Bonnie Straight is wearing today! Hey girl hey!!

Bonnie straight will exit prison when she's 57 years old and has lost every single thing she owns. As of today, David Straight alleges that because of her name decree, and that she will be paroled, and the state admitted they falsely arrested her, but she has to stay in prison another 90 days to take clases.

Now I don't know if Bonnie has been paroled, but I sure know that getting her name decree and her parole have nothing to do with each other. If her name decree was part of her release, she would be completely exonerated and not having to take classes like EVERY PAROLEE DOES.

David Straight Needs Money! Send Out The Emails!

And as of TODAY, DECEMBER 31ST, 2023....David Straight sent an email about his latest grift of the "Bonnie Prayer Service", with a pre-written writ of habeus corpus they want their followers to print and mail to the judge IN ORDER TO GET BONNIE OUT. LOL

Why would you need to send the writ if the name decree is getting her out???

Still so many lies.

Listen to me now...There Is No Minor Estate Claimed By David Or Bobby.

Neither David Straight nor Bobby Lawrence has ever claimed their minor estate nor helped another human being do so, not in the public nor private.

These are the lies they tell to keep the crowd attending "Leven Two and Level Three" seminars. This is what they sell.


They want us to believe, that David, Bonnie, Katie, Tony, Cordie, Buzz, Michelle, Bobby, Teah, Marcella, Gianna, and 35 Telegram Coaches, all people who have been in the seminars for over 6 months, all exposed to the info over and over, simply just never claimed our minor estates because we are lazy????

Crazy Katie Strikes Again.

Let's get back to the David Straight Binder PDF creation and now the timeline is after 1776.

I wanted this book of materials to use for my show and to begin to host seminars myself as there IS truth in the content. It was no secret I had been waiting for this since it was first announced that it would be for sale in January.

So I nudged Katie via telegram, her preferred form of communication. And I have every single thing I have claimed on screenshots. Katie is Butterfly Mama on Telegram, as well as impersonating David Straight.

I asked about the binder being made. She said she needed to purchase a better scanner, as her scanner only scanned one page at a time.

The PDF was going to be sold for $150. Katie asked me to research scanners. I asked what her price range was. It was a while with no answer so I offered to BUY HER A FREAKING SCANNER if it helped expedite getting this product out. I showed her a link for a $250 scanner. I was happy to throw $100 towards fixing a problem for myself.

She came back the next day sending me a link for a $350 scanner and asked what I thought about it. Who cares! It's not my scanner to care about!! LOL

So I replied that we were in weired territory. I offered a scanner for $250. She made me an offer.

Send her an Amazon gift card for $150, and she would use it towards the $350 scanner and I would get the PDF for the contribution. Deal! I'm going to buy it anyway. It didn't matter how I got her the money.

But I was left asking myself, why doesn't Katie and David have $350 for a scanner? I have no idea how they share or split money for StraightEvents, seminars, books, t-shirts, or anything. It's not my business and I don't care.

But by this time, a few months after the David Straight arrest, there were rumors and evidence that he was broke which means he never claimed his minor estate like he claimed. I had to start asking myself what was being uncovered by these issues.

So I immediately sent Katie the Amazon gift card fro $150.

It still took Katie another two weeks to begin this process, but eventually she made the David Straight PDF for sale to be downloaded.

And that night, she messaged me on telegram, at like 12:30 am her time. (Mom of four, awake late at night.)

She sent this screenshot from the bottom of my website.

I'm not on Telegram at 10pm. I'm asleep. So instead of waiting for me to respond to her inquiry, she jumped to a conclusion, most likely while intoxicated, and did not honor the deal made, where my $150 on the Amazon card purchased my copy of the David Straight PDF, but that she was going to deduct the Amazon commission from returing the money to me, but that I could also pay the new price of $199. I have to laugh.

I'm a partner of David Straight, and as you can see, she has no honor.

To this day, she still has not paid me the $150. I don't need $150, but in the State National ethos, the motto is, "Love thy neighbor, do no harm."  Be in honor.

She wants to be dishonorable for $16.55. Now do you understand my use of the c-word to her?

She threw me under the bus and David allowed her because they both needed my money.

When she accused me of being dishonorable and told lies about me, I had a duty to dispute her claims. Then she can dispute my claims. State National 101! Write and Affidavit Of Truth!

We've had four letters back and forth about this $150 and her slandering me, which I'll post further down.

She sent me a check for $133.45 which I returned. She owes me $150. It's not about the money. This came months and months after she has trashed me over and over in the community accusing me of exactly what she is doing to me.

I'm not accepting anything less than being made whole, in honor, by returning all of my money plus an apology.

She falsely claims that she's sent me cease and desist letters. She has sent her versions, but not legal ones. Just pages filled with her lies. They have no meaning.

Sending letters to dispute her lies is what I'm forced to do. Unrebutted accusations become the truth in the law. I could easily get a summary judgment if $150 mattered to me.

You know what matters more? Truth and honor.

Her letters are so beyond despicable, claiming to "forgive me" and denying that she owes me the money and claiming it was a gift. You saw the screenshot. $150 to Amazon in exchange for the PDF.

You may have seen on her Telegram channel that I called her the c*nt word because that's what she is. She is a manipulative lying con of epic levels. Every single thing she has accused me of, she herself is guilty of.

She shared parts of my letter and her letters to weave a tale of lies skewed to make me look bad and her like virgin.

About the same week, I was also invited to be a vendor at the next three events, Gainesville FL, Gettysburg PA, and North Carolina, which were all two weeks apart.

A vendor friend had taken my 260 books from Dallas in his trailer and had them in Oklahoma at his home. I had book drama now. I had to acquiesce to go on a cross country road trip to pick up these books and bring them to the east coast events.

I was invited by Katie to vend at the next two events..

And then a week later she uninvited me via TEXT. This was after she told me that MCO Tony would not be invited because there was no room for him. Now there's no room for me? LOL

The hubris of her assuming my understanding is laughable.

So let's talk about David's "inventory".

In April of 2023, in lieu of David's royalties in cash, he requested books to keep at his Keene office so I sent him 80 books. He stated that he'd like to have them as there are people "in and out of there all the time". 

For two seminars of 500 people, 80 books is not enough. He would be shooting himself in the foot by not having at least 200-250 books for 500 attendees at least. I got very good at determining how many books to order for a seminar where I sold every single one of them to the last hour of the seminar.

I contacted another vendor Dave W. and asked if they got the same text and they did not. He offered for me to sit at his table so that I could attend. So he called Katie, who was with David, and both were on speakerphone, and asked if I could attend the events if I sat at their table. David Straight replied that they had those other books to sell. Isn't that interesting.

If David were to sell the 80 books he got for free from me, that would be $5200 in pure profit for him. Trust me, 80 books would sell at an event of 200 people.

So David and Katie didn't have enough money to purchase a $350 scanner and now they want my books to sell on their own. LOL

How could this be since allegedly David Straight claimed he gets $10,000 a month from his trust. He's told other people he gets $10,000 a week.

Later that same day, Katie called me but I was on a Zoom class with my group, and I didn't want to speak to her anyway, and she did not leave a message or a text. But ALLEGEDLY she called Dave W. and told him that I could vend. I'm not going to drive across the county from Vegas to Gainesville FL on the whims of Katie the wacko at this point who has just flipped 3x about me vending in a week.

Furthermore, since Katie canceled me via text, why couldn't she send a text that I was re-invited? That would have been simple. We'll never know, since she's an unprofessional child and this is who David Straight lets run his "business".

I had to pick up these books in Oklahoma, and I was committed to be a vendor at the Gettysburg event of another teacher. So on a road trip I went.

Criminal activity gets exposed.

What criminals you might ask? Well MCO Tony Budreau, was exposed by this time, to be a felon who was committing securities fraud. David Straight and Bobby Lawrence were well aware of proof of this but still chose to promote him at their events. You can see MCO Tony was at the Gainesville event where there was allegedly no room.

Do you think that auto manufacturers don't know how to spell the name of their cars on MCO securities bonds? I have to laugh. This was just one of many misspelled MCO's supplied by Tony.

I left this image super big so you can see that Camry is spelled Camery. This text was sent to David and Bobby and both ignored the evidence.

And then there's this. David and Bobby both knew in March of 2023, to my knowledge, but could have been sooner, that MCO Tony was a fraud.

Maybe Tony should have been vetted more.


May 29

Not the conversation of one who claims to be like the Christ. after years of "study"... the LAW of this land is as this movement states. now act like it.


May 17

Your venom is palpable. Ugh it's hard to read. You used to love each other- why fight like cats? Nobody wants to read this. Both Bonnie's and David's arrests were fraudulent and his arrest record was scrubbed but the internet keeps hammering about it. You shouldn't fight with the people in the foxhole with you. It's not a "grift" to become a State National. Those passports exist which say Nebraska National or what have you. I never want to read your vitriol again- it has disgusted me. I am sorry you are both misbehaving. David got Katie's children out of the clutches of CPS which is amazing. He got Ryan Bundy to claim state National status and …

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