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So How Do You Take Dominion Over Your Three Jurists?

You create a Trust.

state national information
state national information

Status, standing, and jurisdiction are everything in the law. You have to take status first. You have to claim who you are.


As a state national, I'm one of "We The People" who created the government. Guess what I control? Government. The government created the US citizen. Guess who they control? Citizens, which you still are unless and until you deliberately change your status by filing some simple paperwork which I will teach you how to do.

We're not free in this country. As long as you self-determine that you're a US citizen, then you are not free. Is there anything wrong with being a US citizen? Yeah, there is! That was a trick question! You are a slave to statutory shit made up that serves the corporation of Washington, DC!

You need your trust to take dominion over the air.

You need to have your superior titles and know your rights to take dominion over the land.

What if I add a business licensed by the Secretary of State's office bonded with gold and silver?

One of the number one ways the government gets you is by being a pauper. I don't care how big a stack of Federal Reserve Notes you have in your pocket. That's not legal tender. It does not discharge a debt. It tends to a later date.

They can never deem you a pauper if you've got a silver or gold coin on you. In the law, every US citizen is deemed a pauper, therefore, a debtor. It gives them control. It says you're unable to handle your own affairs.

If you look up the law, who can an attorney represent? They can represent an entity, a corporation, or a vessel. They can represent a minor, someone incompetent, or somebody infirm. They can represent a ward of the court and a ward of the state or a pauper.

They can't represent a man or a woman. When you live in the private, you operate as a man or a woman. You cannot be considered a pauper when you have gold or silver coins in your purse or pocket. So buy some!

My blogs are taken from chapters in the book to showcase what you can learn in the book.

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