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The Devil Is In The Details....Of Your Property Tax Bill

Did you know that “property on land, industrial, commercial and residential” are all commercial terms?

state national information
state national information

Do you think you own your house? You don't really. The state owns your house and they can do anything they want with it. Do you know why?

Because the county came along with a bunch of people who are compartmentalized and they stole your property on behalf of the state from you because you gave them consent. You didn't know you were giving them consent. You didn’t really know what you were signing. You didn't correct the errors. So therefore, you acquiesced.

You can get your land back under the original land patent, and accept the grant deed, and no government can deny that or kick you out of your home. If you own your property, it's called a “superior title”. Most people have a warranty deed, and a warranty deed is called an abstract of title.

You can learn how to do this inside the membership at because I include two easy to read books from a land patent and property tax expert.

Would it be worth your time to read about this information and correct your property taxes? I bet it would!

My blogs are taken from chapters in the book to showcase what you can learn in the book.

Every word of this website has been approved by David Straight to feature his teachings.

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