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What Happens When A Child Is Born In the USA.

The 13th amendment of the Constitution freed the black slaves and the 14th amendment the Constitution made all of us slaves.

There's a maxim of law that states, “That in which one creates one controls”. God created me and he controlled me and then unknowingly under duress, without any full and honest disclosure of the terms and conditions of the contract, with no one even licensed to explain it available to her, my mother awarded me to the state in a birth ward.

I became a ward of the state. Why do you think a birthing ward is called a ward? I became a ward of the state and a ward of the court under the doctrine of Parens Patriae. I became a slave but I grew up thinking I was free.

What happens at our birth?

We have a Public Charitable Trust that funds our government, and under that umbrella, there's 337 million little Cestui que trusts.

Every individual in the United States, and in most countries of the world, has a Cestui que trust.

We all know basic accounting and what a balance sheet is. It's got two sides, the debits and credits.

All our lives, we think we’re the debtor. We borrow money to buy cars, houses, and we owe money on credit cards.

What happens at birth, though? I'm just going to use the figures from 1975 to now because they're round numbers. We’re bonded for $1 million. What does that mean though?

That means the bank went to the International Monetary Fund, and the bank on behalf of the Public Trust, under your CUSIP number borrowed from the International Monetary Funded $1 million in singles, fives, 10s, 20s, 50s, and hundred dollar bills. They put it out there in the general public via Federal Reserve banks, to be distributed.

That $1 million to the bank for every person who's born every single day.

On the credit side, $1 million worth of United States Treasury bonds are issued. And they're sold. They're hypothecated. They're bundled. And they are sold on the stock exchange.

You can go online and put in one of your CUSIP numbers, and you can see the companies that are buying and selling you today. You have more than one CUSIP number. As we increase in value, like if you joined the military, when you get a driver’s license, when you go to college, these all create new CUSIP numbers.

They're making you believe you're the debtor and you are your vessel. This is your labor, this is your worth. If you’ve got five college degrees, you’ve got a CUSIP number for each one.

All these CUSIP numbers are attached to your main Birth Number. You’re a balance sheet. It's got one million on one side and one million on the other. It gets invested. It keeps growing and growing and growing.

Let's just say it grows to $100 million. And by the way, that figure is low. It keeps growing and growing and growing.

Our first 18 years of life we're not really spending anything. So nothing is going over to the debit side during our first 18 years. It’s growing and growing and for 18 years and it's been hypothecated and traded and they've done a good job of managing it.

You're not spending anything and you're not adding anything to the debit side. Then you go get a job and you get married and you go out and you buy a house.

You buy a car, you have some utilities, so over your lifetime some medical bills, some food, whatever. They keep track of it all through your tax returns, your credit cards, and your bank statements. Banking is all tied into the International Monetary Fund and the Federal Reserve and we’ve got big buildings filled with accountants called the Department of Fiscal Services.

Those accounts keep track of everything and everybody's life and this all starts to add up on the debit side. The other side just keeps growing and growing and growing on the investment side, at some point in time you die, and it goes through probate, let's just say over your lifetime, you've spent $10 million.

So they subtract $10 million out of your investment, and they pay off all your expenses, and it becomes a zero balance. They even pay back the initial loan to the International Monetary Fund plus interest.

That was a loan from a foreign entity by the way, to the Public Charitable Trust, and it’s been paid back. The balance is zero.

Let's just say for this discussion, the fund has $90 million left and the Cestui que trust lives on in perpetuity forever. Everyone who has ever died since 1933 is currently funding the government via this leftover trust money.

This money gets reinvested. The balance must stay the same forever. But if it keeps earning, they just sweep it off the top and add funds to the government. It is called “off book funds”. In the United States, it's called the GSA, the General Services Administration, and it continues to fund the government.

Why do you think they don't care if they spend $3 trillion on foreign entities? It’s not their money. It came out of your trusts and it's not part of taxes.

If you call up the Department of Fiscal Services, and you send a FOIA request, and you ask them, “Who is the largest contributor to the federal budget”? The answer is The Department of Justice, to the tune of $1 trillion a day that is taken out of our Cestui que trusts through our court systems every day. One trillion dollars daily. That's more in 25 days than our entire gross domestic product in a year.

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