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What Is A US Citizen?

So what is the legal definition of the word citizen?

Citi[y] means municipal. Zen means servant; a municipal servant. That’s what our public servants are. Municipal servants.

state national information
state national information

We're calling ourselves the same thing. We're calling ourselves public servants but we’re not. We registered with the Department of Human Resources with the HR department of the State under a contract of fraud perpetrated on our parents without our consent via the birth certificate.

Where is the State of Utah located? In Washington DC. 44 Northwest Congress Avenue Washington DC. It's not even in Utah. The corporation is in DC.

What about the city of Riverton? That's a subsidiary of the county of Salt Lake County, which is a subsidiary of the State of Utah. They're all private for profit entities. Every one of them.

Dun & Bradstreet is a credit reporting agency for corporations. So if an entity, a business, a government establishment has a Dun & Bradstreet number that means they're a for profit corporation.

Since governments have chosen to incorporate, they must follow the same rules as any other corporation.

It’s like this….Can a guy wearing a Walmart shirt come into your house, kick your door down and steal your kids? What would you do if one did? You would not let them. It’s the same as the government. The Walmart employee has no authority over you. Neither does the for profit corporations of the government.

The city of any town police is a private for profit entity and a corporation with the Dun & Bradstreet number. They're no different than Walmart. They operate through the consent of the governed. They have to get your tacit agreement that you're a citizen or person or resident (resident referring to legally defined employees of the corporation of Washington DC).

What’s the legal definition of the word resident? Someone there temporarily to do business. Do you temporarily live where you live? Most people don’t. Never refer to yourself as any of those terms on legal documents.

How do they get you to LIVE in DC and RESIDE where you lay your head? You unknowingly consented every time you compose your address on an application, form, or send a letter.

They invented the zip codes.

All of our lives, we’ve just written our addresses as we learned from our parents or in school. You never actually ever have to USE a zip code!

But by writing a zip code on the letter to your grandmother, you just told the United States Postal Service and the United States Post Office and courts, because post offices are courts…you just told the Postal Service/Office and our court system that you live in Washington DC via your zip code, and that you just reside in your city or town temporarily to do business.

The zip code system is actually a system to reflect “residence” in the District Of Columbia. Is this the ultimate government fockery or what?

So there're 337 million people in the United States who live in Washington, DC, and about ten million state nationals who live in the United States…..of America.

If you send mail, put brackets around the zip code like this [89169] to remove it from the contract of the address. It's called the boxing rule. It removes you from stating you live in Washington DC.

In fact, you should get a PO Box and use that for everything in your life that involves the mail.

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