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What Is An indictment?

An indictment is a true bill. It says it right at the bottom of every indictment. It's a bill. It's an invoice. Did you bother to ask how much is the bill if you were indicted? No, nobody does. But you could, and skip all the court BS.

So you're brought up on charges. You don't pay the charges. You're asked to bond, and If you don't pay the bond, your body is held as surety for the bond while they collect from your Cestui Que trust that you don't even know you have. How do they get access to it? You signed something when you were arrested. You are the only signatory of the trust, and every day, people unknowingly give corrupt officials access to their trust money.

Those are all banking terms.

What is a court? Not what you think it is. Look up the word court in a legal dictionary. It says “see bank”, “see post office”. Look up the word judge, it says “see banker”, “see postmaster”. The postmaster is a bank? Yes. It goes back to the beginning of establishing the country.

Everything is banking.

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